How to Call the US from Argentina

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Suppose you are in the Southern Cone and must make an international call to the United States. It’s essential to be aware of the correct dialing procedure. This guide will walk you through dialing the US from Argentina. And that’s not all; stick around until the end, where we will share some fantastic apps that make staying connected a breeze. Let’s explore the simple process of reaching across borders and associating yourself with your loved ones.


Steps to Call the US from Argentina

Calling the US from Argentina involves straightforward steps to ensure clear communication and seamless connection. Following are the most simplest steps to call the USA from Argentina:


Step 1: Enter the Exit Code of Argentina

The first and most crucial step is to dial the exit code. Dialing this sequence is essential to establish a successful connection. The exit code of the Southern Cone is (00). This algorithm serves as a digital gateway to connect your call.

A mobile phone is displaying the exit code of Argentina


Alternatives of Exit code

Dialing with a Mobile phone can replace (00) with a + sign because the Mobile phone (00) is denoted as a + sign.


Step 2: Dial the Country Code of the US

After dialing the exit code, you have to dial the country code of the US. It serves as a digital passport. Uniquely identify each nation. The country code of the US is 1. A small mistake in dialing this can take you away from your loved ones.

A phone is demonstrating the country code of the United States of America


Step 3: Dial the Area Code of the US

Consider the area code as the key that unlocks specific locations, ensuring that your call reaches the intended destination without hiccups. There are 291 areas in the US. Some of them are listed below.

A mobile is displaying the area code of US


Area codes list of the US












Washington DC


North Dakota 


Rhode Island


Step 4: Procedure to dial call with Mobile phone

Remember, you are not just dialing digits; you are initiating a symphony of signals traversing through the vast expanse of technology, bringing people closer in mere moments. Dial the seven-digit recipient number after dialing the exit, country, and area codes. Then, the format will be.

+1-401 -XXXX- XXX

A mobile is dialing to USA from the Argentina using a mobile phone


Step 5: Procedure to dial call with a landline number

Dialing with a landline seems challenging. But it can be easy if you have guidance. When you dial the landline number, the format will be.


A person is making a call to USA from Argentina using a landline phone


Time difference between both countries

The time zone difference between the United States and Argentina varies depending on the specific location within each country. Argentina is in the Argentina time zone, typically 3 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the US. However, it is essential to note that the US has multiple time zones. So, time can be greater or smaller depending on the specific states involved.

The time difference between the USA and Argentina


The Easiest Way of Calling the USA from Argentina

Are you tired of long-way calling procedures? Then, we are here to tell you about fantastic international VoIP apps. These apps include the Boss Revolution, Yolla app, and Rebtel app, and one of them is Slickcall. VoIP apps are designed to make your conversation easy.


Using VoIP Apps to make a call to the US from Argentina

  • They are cost-saving.
  • These apps are secure.
  • They have a friendly interface.
  • They offer high-quality audio calls.

A mobile screen demonstrating how to call the US from Argentina in 2023


Final Verdict

We have shown you how to call the US from Argentina cost-effectively. Follow the given steps properly for a successful connection. But to avoid a lengthy calling procedure, you can use VoIP apps for calling internationally. These apps are designed to save you time and make your communication enjoyable.

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