Slickcall Usage Policy


Slickcall Usage Policy


Users are encouraged to contribute and express their ideas and material on Slickcall in a secure setting. All content made available through Slickcall is subject to this Usage Policy. This usage policy, which outlines the particular guidelines for the types of content we permit on Slickcall, is a vital aspect of our Terms.

We reserve the right to change or update this policy anytime. These modifications shall take effect as soon as the revised policy is posted on our website. You agree to be bound by the modifications if you continue to use our services after they have been modified with your consent. Please check for any updates to our Usage Policy on a regular basis.

  • You must use our Services in accordance with our Terms and any other policies. We reserve the right to act against your Account, including deactivating or suspending it, if you breach our Terms or policies. And no money will be refunded in this case.
  • Your posts or content that you make using our services must not violate any local, state, or federal laws, give advice on how to do so, or otherwise promote any illegal or risky action.
  • Do not provoke violence, sell or purchase weapons through the Services, threaten to harm people or property, publish any violent materials, or motivate others to harm themselves.
  • We don’t tolerate violent extremism or terrorism, we forbid terrorist organizations or hate groups from using our services, posting anything, buying or selling anything, or corresponding through the Slickcall app. Content that promotes hatred is forbidden. Please be aware that hate speech can be expressed verbally or through other media and includes public encouragement to violence or hatred towards such persons.
  • Never try to hide who you really are or pretend to be someone you are not. Do not intentionally publish false material on Slickcall, including rumors, denials of historical events, bogus medical claims, and other misleading information.
  • Respect our users, our brands, our trademarks, and any Slickcall property. Use our services in a secure and safe manner. You must refrain from any behavior that could harm us, our users, any affiliates, or any group or person working on our behalf. You must also avoid any behavior that might bring us into disrepute.
  • We do not allow to publish of any content which infringes upon any intellectual property rights or that promotes, sells, or advertises products that encourage the violation of such rights, such as VPNs, streaming websites, and similar activity.
  • We strongly advise all of our users and the appropriate authorities to report any content or behavior that violates these Terms. If you believe the content can result in a criminal incident, we at Slickcall may in some circumstances report straight to the police, and we encourage you to do the same.
  • You can appeal our decision to remove content or to disable, block, or suspend your Account by getting in touch with us through if we decide to take action against a specific user regarding any content that he or she has posted or if we decide to remove or refuse to distribute such content.
  • Please explain why you believe our choice was flawed in your response. The content will be restored, your account or the Services will be activated for you (as appropriate), and any strikes or restrictions will be lifted so that this will not be used against you in the future. If we feel that our decision was actually incorrect, we will let you know about it and make the necessary corrections.