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Slickcall | Cheapest App for International Calling

cheapest app for international calling

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Finding out the cheapest app for international calling is not easy. You have to spend a lot of money to make an international call. But there is a solution for every problem. We introduce you Slickcall, the cheapest app for international calling offering you affordable rates for calling internationally. It is easy and simple in design and don’t require learning any technical skills.


1. Slickcall |Why Slickcall is different from other calling apps?

The Slickcall app offers the best international calling rates. Calling with the Slickcall app is incredible. It gives you $1 FREE calling credit on your first signup. You will be amazed to see our affordable international calling plans for international VoIP calls.

This cheapest app for international calling is perfect for you!


1.2 Have fun calling with the Slickcall app abroad

When making an international call, the cost and call quality are the first things that spring to mind. You can place low-cost calls abroad at reasonable rates using the international calling app like Slickcall. Slickcall is the cheapest app for international calling that allows you to call friends, family, colleagues, and back home at low rates.


1.3 International calling-based VoIP app

If you are fond of calling abroad, then you’re on the right platform. If an app offers you quality international calls and spending less on them, what else you wish for?


1.3.1. Enjoy UNLIMITED international calls

The Slickcall app offers you unlimited international calling to abroad. Not only the cheap rates but a good voice quality with no disturbance. So, download the Slickcall app instantly and enjoy your international calls at rates that suit your pocket!


1.4 Less expense on international calls with the Slickcall app

This app is made to help you save money without making you deal with extra costs or a complicated call flow. We are aware that you have waited a long time for the best international calling app to become available.


1.4.1. The wait is over now!

The cheapest app for international c alling is there in front of you right now. Take out your smartphone, visit the Play Store or App Store, download the Slickcall app, and use it to make inexpensive international calls from the USA.


2. Free sign-up, Free credit on your first call

The Slickcall app has an amazing offer for you on downloading the app. When you sign up you will receive bonus of $1 FREE. So, download the app and start making cheap international calls to any country. Enjoy talking to your friends and family internationally.

Download the Slickcall app


2.1 Wondering why you are here?

Of course, the reason you are here is looking for inexpensive international VoIP calls. You might have a weekly phone call with a loved one who lives abroad. Or perhaps you need to call a variety of individuals frequently but don’t want to spend more money. If you want a reliable connection, reasonable prices, excellent levels of security, and customer assistance, then the ideal platform is Slickcall, the cheapest app for international calling.


2.2 Best international calling plans | Slickcall app

We welcome you to our app, which offers the cheapest and most competitive rates for international callers. We have variety of the best international calling plans especially made for you. You can use our international calling plans to call anywhere in the world.


2.3 No extra charges

Don’t worry about paying extra calling charges. You can now make low-cost international calls to landlines and phone numbers. You won’t be charged any additional fees; instead, you’ll be charged following the best VoIP for international calls you select.


3. Unlimited international calls with great quality

Plans that offers unlimited international calls from the USA are the greatest way to make sure that you never run out of ways to contact your family or home. You may relax knowing that the expense of phoning home won’t ever be an issue again with Slickcall. Our cheapest app for international calling can be helpful for you in making low-cost international calls.


3.1. Cheapest app for international calling | Easy-to-use app

Do you know what’s better than a Cinnabon? A calling app that’s way easier to use. We get it, technology can be daunting. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the choices out there.

Slickcall makes it easy to connect with family members and friends around the world, and lets you enjoy your international calls.


3.2. Seamless international calling with the best international phone call app

It’s not just the price. It’s everything else!

We provide a smooth experience when dialing abroad.

You only need to enter the contact’s name and click the call icon on our affordable app for international calling; the rest will be handled by us.


4. Enjoy the best cheap rates across the globe

Start using our cheapest app for international calling to get the highest audio quality at the lowest price. We assure you, will get the finest speech quality at the lowest cost when you call any international landline or mobile number. You may call your friends and family with our international calling app. It is the most cost-effective app that provides you with the finest rates. Try the Slickcall app to remain in touch with the people you love.


5. FAQs

info icon filled Which app offers you the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone without any extra charges?

The Slickcall app is one of the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone, which does not charge any hidden charges on international calls.

info icon filled Can I call internationally on both landline and mobile numbers?

Yes, with the Slickcall app you can call on both landline and mobile numbers in over 150+ countries.

info icon filled Are you looking for the cheapest way to call Nigeria from USA?

Slickcall is the cheapest way to call Nigeria from US. Avail the offer now!

info icon filled Is Slickcall free to download or are there any installment fee?

No, there are no installment fees. Slickcall is free to download from Play Store and App Store.

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