How to Call Poland from the US

A person is making a call to poland from usa in 2023

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Calling Poland from the United States involves a straightforward process. However, understanding the proper dialing process is essential for a successful connection. This guide aims to provide clear instructions on making a phone call to Poland from the US. Following our guidance, you can communicate with friends, family, and business contacts in Poland. Understanding the process of dialing a call can make your connection smoother and more effective. So, let’s embark on this journey. Ensuring you bridge the distance between the US and Poland.


Ways of Calling Poland from the USA


We will describe the two ways of calling that will help you connect easily with your loved ones. And these ways will be beneficial for you to call internationally. You must understand these ways properly, so let’s move toward the ways. We hope that you will find it fantastic.

  1. Traditional way of calling Poland from the US.
  2. Calling Poland from the US using VoIP apps.


The Traditional Way of Calling Poland from the US


There are several steps involved in the traditional calling process. By following these steps, you can communicate with your loved ones. A small mistake in following these steps can stop your connection with your cherished ones. For a successful connection, understand these given steps properly for a hassle-free connection.


Step 1: Dial the International Exit Code of the US


The access code is a signal that indicates that you are making an international call. It plays a crucial role to connect yourself with your loved ones. Providing the proper access code is the key that unlocks the door to your designed destination. The access code of the US is (011). It’s a digital passport to connect your call.


A mobile dialing the exit code of the US


Step 2: Dial the Country Code of Poland


The country code acts as a linguistic bridge, which serves as a numerical prefix that identifies a specific country. It’s a crucial component in facilitating seamless international communication. The country code of Poland is 48. Dial this essential algorithm after the exit code.


A mobile screen is showing the country code of Poland


Step 3: Dial the Area Code of Poland


Each area code carries a unique numerical identifier, inputting valuable information about the intended recipient’s location. It plays a pivotal role in the dialing procedure. With this algorithm, your call can be reached to the intended destination. There are 49 areas in Poland. Some of them are listed below.


A mobile phone demonstrating the area codes of Poland


Area Codes List of Poland




























Step 4: Dial Call with the Recipient Number 


The recipient number serves as a digital gateway. You pinpoint the specific phone line associated with someone you are trying to contact. It is a gateway through which your call is directly reached by the person you wish to call. Misplacing or mistyping a single digit can lead to unintended connection or failed communication attempts. There are two types of dialing procedures, which are given below.


Step 4.1: Procedure of Dialing Call with Mobile Phone


Dialing a call into a mobile phone has evolved into a seamless and intuitive action, transforming information into a smooth and instantaneous experience that fits seamlessly into the rhythm of our modern lives. It’s a simple and easy way, which can be frustrating if you don’t know the correct calling process and are not an expert in international calling. Dialing a call on the mobile phone is the epitome of simplicity, putting communication at our fingertips with effortless ease after dialing the access, country, and area code. You have to dial the 9-digit recipient number. The format will be when you dial a call with a mobile phone.




Showing the dialing format of calling Poland from the US


In Mobile phones, the + sign is used as an access code.


Step 4.2: Procedure of Dialing Call with a Landline Number


Dialing a call with a landline number is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. You embody simplicity in connection, with a clear understanding of the numbered keypad and a sense of nostalgia. Dialing calls becomes more than just a functional task. It becomes a deliberate and mindful act and a connection of communication roots. The dialing format will be when you dial a call with a landline number.




A person is making international calls from a landline phone


Calling Poland from the US using VoIP Apps


Voice Over Internet Protocol apps have revolutionized communication by enabling voice and multimedia transmission, offering an alternative to traditional calling services. These apps leverage the power of the Internet to facilitate cost-effective and efficient communication across the globe. There are some VoIP apps given below.


Benefits of VoIP apps


Cost Efficiency 


One of the primary advantages of VoIP apps is cost-effectiveness. Traditional phone calls can be expensive, especially for long-distance or international communication. Voice Over Internet Protocol apps utilize the Internet to transmit voice data. Voice Over Internet Protocol apps significantly reduce the cost of calls. The best feature of the Voice Over Internet Protocol app is affordability. These apps often cost a fraction of what traditional phone calling services cost.


Global Accessibility


Voice Over Internet Protocol apps provide global accessibility and allow users to make calls from anywhere worldwide as long as there is an internet connection.


Quality of Service


With advancements in internet technology, Voice Over Internet Protocol apps can deliver high-quality voice calls. Quality of service features prioritize voice data packets, ensuring smooth and clear communication. Voice Over Internet Protocol apps offer crystal clear quality, ensuring your conversation will be as natural as if you were in the same room. When it comes to calling Poland from the US, using the VoIP app will be a game changer; it will enhance your calling experience and save money.


VoIP Apps Customer Service


Voice Over Internet Protocol apps have reliable 24/7 customer service to address your queries. This team ensures that customer receives immediate responses to their shared queries.


Comparison between the Traditional Way and using a VoIP App


Traditional way VoIP app
  • Burden your pocket
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-way calling procedure
  • Connected your call within seconds
  • Frustrating
  • Easy
  • Low quality
  • High qualities
  • Voice Distortion
  • Crystal clear quality


Final Verdict


To call Poland from the United States, we have already told you about two ways: the first way is the traditional way, and the second way is to call using VoIP apps. The first way is challenging and frustrating if you are not an expert in international calls. You can use Voice Over Internet Protocol apps like Slickcall, Boss Revolution, Yolla, and Rebel to save yourself from frustration and find an easy way. These apps provide an easy and affordable way of calling. They have a quality of service and crystal-clear voice quality. VOID apps are designed to save your time. So, make a wise choice today and use VoIP apps.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the international dialing code for Poland?


The international dialing code for Poland is 48.


How do I dial a number in Poland from the US?


  1. Firstly, dial the exit code, which is 011.
  2. Dial the country code, which is 48.
  3. Dial the recipient’s number.


What is the time zone difference between Poland and the US?


Poland is the central time zone, usually 6 to 7 hours ahead of the United States.


Do VoIP apps work for both mobile phones and landlines?


Yes, VoIP apps can work on mobile phones and landlines, offering flexibility in making international calls.


Can I use VoIP apps to call other countries besides Poland?


Yes, VoIP apps often allow access to various countries worldwide. They are versatile tools for international calls.


Do I need to have Wi-Fi to use VoIP apps?


No, you do not need to have Wi-Fi to use VoIP apps. You can also use VoIP apps over a cellular data connection. However, the quality of your VoIP calls may be affected by the speed and reliability of your internet connection. Wi-Fi generally has a more reliable and consistent internet connection than cellular data, so you may experience better call quality if you use Wi-Fi.

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