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Couldn’t find a reliable international call service?  In actuality, not all international calling service providers treat you fairly when you make calls abroad. When choosing an international calling service provider, there are many factors to take into account, including international calling prices and call quality. However, we advise you to use Slickcall if you wish to use a reliable international call service while residing overseas.


1. Join the reliable international call service

Join Slickcall to begin saving right away 🤑

Slickcall is the cheapest international calling app, allowing you to call anywhere in the globe at low rates.

Remember that Slickcall isn’t just about cheap international calling rates; it’s also about the call’s quality and how convenient it is to be able to contact abroad whenever you want, without having to rely on pricy international calling cards or other methods.


1.1. Wi-Fi is compulsory for making international calls

You can use your mobile phones to make international calls by using Wi-Fi. You must have a good internet connection to connect to the call. Even if the receiver does not have the Slickcall app, they are able to receive the call.

We welcome you to the journey of low-cost international calls for a lifetime!


1.2. Save even more on international calling with the Slickcall app

Using a reliable international call service like Slickcall, make nothing expensive but making an affordable path to call abroad. Our app allows you to make international calls without paying high rates or any additional amount.

lamp 1Note:
To check our latest and newest international calling plans for 150+ countries visit our website.


1.2.1. You will charge only for what you buy

Here with Slickcall, you have to pay according to your usage. If you purchase plans, you will be charged according to them. Slickcall is very clear regarding charging fees and providing such an incredible international calling experience.


2. Make oversea calls to any landline numbers with Slickcall

You can call any international landline number by using our reliable international call service. The only condition is to have a good internet connection.

To register yourself on the Slickcall use the below-mentioned steps;

  • Download the app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP code for verification.
  • Allow access to your contact list, microphone, notification, and phone calls.
  • And start CALLING

Download the Slickcall app


2.1. How does the app work?

Instead of using pricey undersea cables or satellite technology, our reliable international call service uses the most recent Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology to transfer the call over the internet. But why VoIP technology?

Because this technology is cheap compared to other phoning technology.

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection. No issues! We have a solution for every international calling problem 😜

You can use mobile data and can start making low cost international calls.


2.2. The cheapest way to make international calls from cell phone

The best way to save money is to avoid expensive international calling apps. A reliable international call service like Slickcall will show you exactly what it will cost and will not include any extra charges for international calls. You can make all your international calls at a fixed rate!


2.3. Make FREE calls to the USA

It’s not a dream! You can make free unlimited international calls to the USA. With an international calling app like Slickcall, you can talk to anyone in the USA for as long as you want.


3. What about calling people who don’t have the Slickcall app?

Does the person you calling do not have the Slickcall app? Not a problem. The receiver doesn’t require to have the Slickcall app. You can still call them and enjoy unlimited international calls.


3.1 Slickcall is one of the best VoIP service providers

Slickcall, the best VoIP app for international calls, has been introduced. You will receive crystal-clear communication, high-quality calls, and excellent customer service since we use cutting-edge technology.

We promise that using our reliable international call service to make international calls will be enjoyable. In essence, the technology used by Slickcall converts your international calling service into a signal that is instantly transmitted over the internet to the recipient.


3.2. Slickcall is the best Wi-Fi calling app

We believe using the best Wi-Fi calling app might be a major benefit. Why not try a cost-effective method to make international calls? Slickcall is the best way to make international calls as they offer you cheap international calling plans.

Get our best international calling plans for landlines to save MASSIVE on international calls.


4. Unlimited international calling plans provide peace of mind and convenience

When you live abroad, getting an unlimited international calling plan is a wonderful way to make sure you never run out of ways to contact your home or your loved ones. You won’t ever have to worry about the cost of phoning home again thanks to our best international calling plans for landlines, so you can relax.

Slickcall reliable international call service enables consumers to make international calls at a reasonable price with high levels of dependability.


4.1. Difficult to believe; Great quality calls at affordable rates?

Many people find it difficult to imagine that they can receive excellent call quality with inexpensive international calling plans. It’s a SWEET reality thanks to Slickcall! The Slickcall app is a reliable international call service that enables you to enjoy high-quality international calls and provides FREE calling credit upon registration.


4.1.1. Enjoy a FREE bonus with the Slickcall app

Well! It’s time for a Slickcall FREE Bonus! Sign up to receive $1 FREE calling credit. Get $5 in bonus credit for free when friends sign up for Slickcall and make a transaction.

Isn’t it incredible? Therefore, get the Slickcall app NOW and enjoy!


5. Conclusion | Reliable international call service

The bottom line is that Slickcall is a reliable international call service when it comes to making international calls. Low cost international calls, together with crystal clear voice quality makes Slickcall, the best international calling app on the market.

Slickcall is truly a 21st-century phone service that makes it easier than ever before to make an international call. Avoid wasting money on expensive international calling cards. Download our low-cost international calling app to save money and time.


6. FAQs 

info icon filled Is Slickcall free to call internationally?

No, Slickcall is not free. But yes, the calling rates are low and cheap that it gives you a feel of freedom to call internationally.

info icon filled Can I use Slickcall abroad?

Slickcall serves more than 150+ countries. You can use Slickcall for abroad calling any landline and mobile number.

info icon filled How does Slickcall call works?

Slickcall uses the VoIP technology. It conveys your calls through the internet instead traditional phone lines.

info icon filled Is Slickcall secure?

Yes, Slickcall doesn’t store your data or any information. It is safe and convenient for your use.

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