Best VoIP App for International Calls at a Minimal Cost

best VoIP app for international calls

The best VoIP app for international calls like Slickcall uses VoIP technology to connect your call over internet instead of those old-fashioned traditional network systems. If you searching for the best way to make international calls, then our app is the right choice for making unlimited calls internationally. Our app is the best VoIP app for international calls making international calling easy and flexible.

Slickcall also encrypts your calls so you can make international calls with peace of mind.

And best of all? It’s pretty easy to use.

1. VoIP service providers for international calling | Slickcall will win the heart of your valentine this Valentine’s Day

I mean, come on: chocolates? roses? It’s all kind of a little too much. Let’s do something big this time!

Do you know what your partner wants the most from you? Your time⏰. Yes, they ask for your time, and undivided attention. But you are living on the other side of world, how could you spend time with your partner. Thinking on it? It’s simple; make a call to them 📱!

1.1. VoIP unlimited international calls |Enjoy affordable unlimited calling

Calling your partner on valentine day will be the best gift for them. The easiest and budget-friendly way for unlimited calling internationally is Slickcall, the best VoIP app for international calls.

1.1.1. Get rid of expensive international calls

Our affordable international calling plans will benefit you in different ways. Check below;

  • Unlimited international calls to 150+ countries.
  • No expensive monthly phone bills.
  • Quality calls and unlimited calling.

You must download the Slickcall app on your phone!

2. Save money |Do it together with us

We think you guys have already paid enough high calling bills, now you really need to stop paying those high calling bills. Switch to Slickcall, the best VoIP app for international calls. With our app, unlimited calls around the world is possible now.

Come let’s together say hello to MASSIVE savings!

3. Save time with the best VoIP app for international calls | Simple call dialling

Making international calls with Slickcall is simple, easy, quick and smart. You don’t have to remember any area or country code. Simply, open the app, select the number you want to call and press call button.

Slickcall is a VoIP international calling app that is changing the way the world calls people.

4. You are our special customer | We love you!

We love you. We are always there for you whenever you need us. So, you can relax on your couch and enjoy calling your family. You can call us anytime, we will answer your every call and solve the issues.

5. Slickcall | VoIP unlimited calling worldwide

Are you planning to make international call? Why not do it with the best app for international calls. With Slickcall, you can make unlimited voip international calls worldwide. You can talk as much as you want anywhere in the world!

5.1.  Cheapest VoIP service for international calls

You can find it challenging to start when attempting to make inexpensive international VoIP calls.

It goes without saying that finding the best VoIP app for international calls that provides the cheapest VoIP service for international calls might be challenging with the abundance of options available in the market.

5.2. Best international VoIP plans | Affordable international calling rates

You put a lot of effort into your work. Spending time with your loved ones is something you deserve. For you to enjoy high quality international calls, we provide the best international VoIP plans. Even if you phone abroad from the US, you may always stay in touch with friends and family back home. Use VoIP for international calls by subscribing to one of our plans.

6. Slickcall | Best VoIP app for international calls | Calling over Wi-Fi

We have faith in the capability of connectivity as well as the capability of communication. Slickcall connects you with your loved ones wherever they are using Wi-Fi. Due to its affordable international calling rates, Slickcall is the best VoIP app for international calls.

6.1. No hardware requirements with the best VoIP app for international calls

When using the Slickcall app, there are no hardware requirements. If you have a cheapest international calling app  on your phone, like Slickcall, you won’t have to worry about any additional costs. You won’t require any additional hardware—just download the app to get started making calls right away!

6.2. FREE calling credit on sign-up | VoIP for international calls

We provide a method for you to communicate with folks who live a long way away. Slickcall offers you a FREE $1 credit when you first sign up!

What exactly are you waiting for then? Sign up for the Slickcall app right now!

6.3. Valentine’s day is just around the corner!

You may be considering your plans for Valentine’s Day as it approaches. Whatever you decide to do with this day, Slickcall, the best VoIP app for international calls, will make it even better.

7. Searching for the best VoIP provider international calls | You’ve discovered it

We are aware that you are sick of using apps that are either ineffective or don’t provide you with the quality you expect.

Because we understand your suffering, we gave Slickcall our best while creating it. Your life will be made easier thanks to the fantastic VoIP calling app we made, which we succeeded in creating.

7.1. Get more bang for your buck with Slickcall

Without worrying about additional costs or unforeseen surcharges, you can make inexpensive VoIP international calls with Slickcall.

Additionally, you can receive more for your money with our top landline international calling plans.

8. Final words | Best VoIP app for international calls

Slickcall, in our opinion, is the best VoIP app for international calls. It is quite affordable, has a user-friendly interface, and offers higher quality than many best VoIP service providers for international calling. In conclusion, there is no reason not to select Slickcall. It’s simple to set up Slickcall. Now download the Slickcall app!


1. Is VoIP free for international calls?

International VoIP calls to a phone number generally cost you but are not necessarily expensive. If you want to make cheap VoIP calls then use Slickcall.

2. Does Slickcall allow you to make calls to international landline numbers?

Yes, Slickcall allows you to make calls to international landlines number charging less.

3. How to register your number on the international calling app?

To register your number on an international calling app like Slickcall is simple;

  • Download the app from Play Store or App Store.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP code for verification.
  • Allow access to your contact list, microphone, notification, and phone calls.
  • And start CALLING!

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