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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Our company- Slickcall, with the address 33 Wood Avenue South, Suite 600, Iselin, NJ, 08830 United States and our affiliates give due consideration to your privacy and are dedicated to protecting your personal data. Through this Privacy Policy, we intend to describe how your personal data is gathered and processed. In addition to this, the Privacy Policy explains your rights regarding us and how these can be exercised.

Should you have any questions related to the Privacy Policy and personal data, please feel free to contact us at support@slickcall.com.


1. What user information is collected, how it will be utilized and how is it legal for us to do so?

Slickcall collects personal data in a number of ways such as when anyone installs our international calling app, visit our website, avail our services, contact us, make a purchase, interact with the electronic advertisement and our customer support. Personal data categories for processing and collecting the data are as follows:

Account information and registration, for example, name, phone number, address, email, profile picture, time zone, password, currency, language and US VAT number.

Connection and device information: Slickcall gathers connection-specific and device information when you access, install or use our services. This includes information app version, hardware model, information related to the operating system, mobile network, browser information and connection information including internet service provider or phone/mobile operator, phone number, time zone, language, identifiers like device identifiers, device operations information and IP. Once you install the Slickcall app, you will need to allows us to access the address book of your mobile device. A copy of names and phone numbers will be gathered in order to provide our services..

Usage information and activity, for example, information pertaining to the use of our services and other such activities in connection with Slickcall. This may include information like how you choose to engage with our services, your preferred settings, the features you actively use, the purchased items, the frequency, time and duration of interactions and your activities (for example, the call duration, the start time, delivery notices, the identification details of call-making and call-receiving party), website, crash, diagnostic, log files, performance reports and logs.

Information regarding payment: Slickcall collects name, email address, address, billing details, bank details and other relevant financial information related to your preferred payment method. It is important to note that we will only store name, email, address and issuing bank (payment card details are not stored).

Tracking and behavioural details: .e.g. personal preferences, location data, behavioural patterns, IP-number, unique identifier of devices and cookie identifiers you use to use our website and services.

Information related to location: Slickcall gathers device location information if and when you use our location features.

Social media and customer support: If you connect with us via our social media handles or contact us via our Customer Support service, Slickcall may keep a record of that correspondence including your email address and copies of your emails.

The personal data of the user is used to perform, provide and improve the quality of our services. The data collected by Slickcall is used for different purposes as states below in the list alongside the legal ground for such utilization of data.

How do we use it? (purpose of processing)


Legal basis for the processing

To verify your identity, your contact and personal details, market and provision of our services and for the fulfilment of our business relationships and agreements with you. To conform with the relevant laws, pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 

To process payment for our services.


To conform with the relevant laws, pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 
Customer, product and marketing analysis to optimize and update our services for our customers. Pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 
Customer and Product analysis for internal operations like testing, data analysis, troubleshooting, statistical and research purposes. Pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 
To conduct risk management, fraud detection, risk analysis in order to avoid the dishonest use of the services thus keeping the services secure and safe for the users. Pursue the legal interests of Slickcall. 
For purpose of developing the business and the provision of quality services such as introducing new features and products and exploring new business opportunities. Pursue the legal interests of Slickcall. 
To act in accordance with the relevant regulations and laws (for instance bookkeeping). To conform with the relevant laws and pursue the legal interests of Slickcall. 
To establish communication with you related to the provision of customer support and services. To pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 
To defend, establish or exercise collection procedures or legal claims. To conform with the relevant laws, pursue the legal interests of Slickcall and satisfy our contractual obligations related to you. 

2. Security Measures for Personal Data

Your personal data is processed in conformity with the relevant data protection regulations and legislation. We apply appropriate technical, legal and organizational security measures to ensure that your personal data is safeguarded against unauthorized access, loss, disclosure, misuse, destruction and alteration. These security measures are implemented to address the risks involved in processing the data. In case of any questions, please reach us at support@slickcall.com

3. Information Sharing

Third-party companies and service providers are selected carefully to provide, operate, improve, customize, understand, market and support our services. Our work, for example, involves working with firms that distribute our apps, prevent criminal or fraudulent activities, provide delivery, infrastructure, handle payments, store data and supply location. All of this assists us in understanding how the services can be marketed, how they can be used and providing customer support. In relation to these functions, the personal data of users may be shared with the service providers and personal data might also be received from them in particular cases.

Additionally, your personal data may be shared in certain specific situations: authorities like the tax authority and the police may be provided with personal data under legal obligations; in order to apply or enforce our Terms of Use or/and any type of agreement; or to safeguard property, rights, the safety of our users, us or others. The above mentioned also holds true for selling the assets of Slickcall or a group enterprise or corporate restructuring or changes in control of Slickcall or any group enterprise. While your data is being shared, we make sure that the related third party has the relevant technical, legal and organizational measures in place to safeguard and protect the personal data of the users as per the data protection legislation, guiding principles related to personal data security, appropriate regulatory authorities’ rules and whatever is applicable in such cases. Slickcall is committed and promises that it will never sell your personal data to a third-party enterprise except in cases when your explicit permission has been acquired.

Transfer of data to third countries

For processing the data, we generally prefer that it stays within the United States. However, your data may be transferred outside the United States in exceptional cases. Before your data is transferred outside the United States, we ensure that the following measures are taken:

The relevant data protection laws are in place for safeguarding the data.

The third-party is capable of providing an appropriate level of personal data protection.

We can depend on a particular derogation as provided under the relevant data protection legislation.

4. Notifications and Communications

For communicating with you, Slickcall may utilize your personal data. This type of communication may include, messages related to alerts, faults, updates and other types of problems related to the app usability and/or technical aspects and other components of the services. All such channels of communication are considered a part of the service.

At times, you may be asked to give information based on your experiences of using our services including the app. Such information shall be used to update the quality of the services. The users are not obligated to give such information. Such information is solely intended to provide quality services to our customers. Slickcall may contact you intermittently via SMS, phone, email or through any other channel in order to keep you updated with the latest news regarding Slickcall and its services including promotions, campaigns, new products and payment methods.

In case you don’t want to receive promotional messages from Slickcall, you can follow the steps in the promotional message to unsubscribe from this service. Alternatively, you can also contact our customer support at support@slickcall.com.

Promotional SMS messages to US Customers

Promotional messages may be sent via SMS to customers living in the USA. In order to opt-out of this service, write STOP and send it to the number from which you received the SMS. In case you desire to join the service again, send an email to support@slickcall.com and you will start receiving promotional messages again. Data charges and messages apply to all messages exchanged between users and Slickcall.

5. Third Party Sites

Our app or website may have links to websites belonging to third parties. Please be informed that these linked websites are outside the domain of our control. In order to learn about how these websites treat/use personal data, you are requested to refer to the privacy policy of such websites. Our Privacy Policy solely applies to the personal data that we gather or receive through our app, website and/or your use of Slickcall’s services.

6. Changes to the Privacy Policy

We are always finding ways to update our services and improve the user experience. Therefore, we reserve the right to change or update this Privacy Policy at any time, with or without prior notice in accordance with the changes or improvements made to conform with the data protection legislation and our business.

Slickcall’s privacy policy is always available in our app and on our website in order to ensure that our users know about the type of personal data being collected, the purpose for which the data is collected and processed and the specific situations in which this information will be shared. The users of Slickcall services are advised to periodically review the Privacy Policy to keep themselves up to date with the changes. You should discontinue using the services in case you do not agree with the terms stated in the Policy.

7. Retention of data

The personal data collected may be kept for a time period of two years and 10 months after the closure of the user’s account except in cases when data retention is desired for longer periods. When Slickcall keeps the data for purposes other than the contractual obligations like to fulfil the requirements of bookkeeping the data is only retained for as long as it is legal and important depending on the purpose.

8. Your rights to rectification, access, and erasure

According to the relevant data protection legislation, the users have the following rights regarding their personal data.

Right to rectification- You have the explicit right to get the rectification of any incorrect personal data about yourself.

Right to access – You have the explicit right to gain information from Slickcall related to the processing of your personal data and request access to such type of data.

Right to erasure (“the right to be forgotten”) – You have the explicit right to request the erasure of your personal data when it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected. Slickcall may keep such type of data under legal obligations. In such cases, Slickcall can block the data from being used for uses other than legal purposes or make the data anonymous.

In case you have any questions related to the Privacy Policy or regarding the exercise of your rights, please reach us at support@slickcall.com