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How to Call Portugal from US

A person is making a call to Portugal from US

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Are you trying to connect with your loved ones in Portugal? Connecting with loved ones across the miles, especially when separated by vast oceans and continents, carries a profound emotional weight. Calling Portugal is straightforward, but only if you know the correct dialing procedure. But don’t worry; if you are not an expert on international calling, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will also tell you the easiest way to call Portugal from the US. So, be connected with us. 


Steps to Call Portugal from the US

You must follow the given steps for calling Portugal from the US because it’s essential for an enjoyable connection. If you follow these steps correctly, you can make a heart-to-heart connection with the right person.


Step 1: Enter the Exit Code

The first and most crucial step is to dial the exit code. It acts as a handshake, telling the network that your conversation is about transverse oceans and continents. The exit code of the US is (011). First, dial this because a small mistake in dialing this code can detract from your cherished ones.

A mobile phone is demonstrating the exit code of United States


Dialing Method with Mobile

If you are dialing with a mobile, replace (011) with a + sign because in a mobile phone, (011) is denoted as a + sign.


Step 2: Enter the Country Code

After inputting the exit code, you have to dial the country code. This code acts as a digital address; each country is assigned a unique country code. The country code of Portugal is 351. If you dial this correctly, then you are close to a heartwarming connection.

The country of Portugal is displayed on a mobile screen


Step 3: Enter the Area Code

You must dial the area code once you have successfully dialed the above principles. It plays a pivotal role in guiding calls to the intended destination in the telecommunication world. Help to identify the specific region, cities, or countries. Because every country has numerous areas, dialing the correct one for a successful connection is challenging.

Area codes of the Portugal country


Table of Area Codes


1. Abrantes


2. Braga


3. Beja


4. Porto

5. Azores


6. Aveiro


7. Lisbon


8. Coimbra


9. Madeira



Step 4: Enter the Recipient Number in Portugal

Dialing the recipient’s number is a straightforward process. Once you have dialed the correct codes, dial the valid recipient phone number. The Lusitania number comprises 9 digits. Ensuring you have a complete and accurate number of the person you wish to call is essential. Here is an illustrative example showcasing the place of an international call from the US to Portugal.


Call Portugal from the US using a Mobile Phone

There is a difference between calling with a mobile phone and calling with a landline number. But the given format will help you dial with a mobile phone, so there will be no chance of any mistake.

+ 351 – Area code –XXX XXX XXX

A person is using a telephone to call Portugal from US

+ sign is denoted as exit code because in the mobile phone (011) is written as + sign.


Call Portugal from the US using a Landline Number

While dialing with a landline number, you have to dial the exit code of the US, which is (011)

011 – 351 – Area code – XXX XXX XXX

Mobile screen is displaying the calling format to call Portugal from the USA

Perfect Time to Call Portugal from the US

The time zone difference between the United States and Portugal depends on the Pacific regions within each country, as the US has multiple time zones. Portugal is the Western European Time Zone (WET) or Western European Summer Time Zone (WEST) during the daylight saving period.

Generally, Lusitania is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the US and 8 hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time (PST); however, some parts of the US observe daylight saving span, which can affect the time difference. 

  • If you are in the Eastern time zone, Portugal is 5 hours ahead of standard time.
  • If you are in the Central time zone, Portugal is 6 hours ahead of standard time.
  • So, If you are in the Mountain time zone, Lusitania is 7 hours ahead of standard time.
  • If you are in the Pacific time zone, Portugal is 8 hours ahead of standard time.

Time zone difference plays a pivotal role in dialing a call. It’s crucial to dial a call on time. Remember that calling is efficient when it’s done in a span.

Landscape showcasing the time difference between Portugal and the US


Easiest Way of Dialing to Portugal

If you are frustrated with dialing calls with lengthy procedures and are not an expert in international calls. So we’ll tell you about a magical and super-efficient way of calling.



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VoIP Apps for Calling Portugal from the US

Experience high-quality voice calls, whether you’re contacting friends, family, or colleagues. VoIP app like Slickcall breaks down the distance barriers, offering you a reliable and affordable solution for international calls. These apps are easy to use.

  • Instant connectivity: No more dealing with the complicated dialing sequence. These apps get you connected in seconds. So you can focus on your conversation.
  • Time saver: VoIP apps are time savers because you don’t need to worry about the codes with these apps. You have to dial the recipient number.
  • Seamless communication: No voice distortion exists; you can enjoy crystal-clear call quality. 

Make a wise choice today, choose VoIP apps for international calls, and elevate your communication game. Say goodbye to dialing frustration and say hello to a smoother and more efficient way of connecting with cherished ones.

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Final Verdict

Making a call to Portugal from the US is vital for maintaining connections with cherished ones. You can follow the given steps to dial the call. But there is a lot of frustration in dialing all the correct codes. But if you want to avoid this frustration, you can use the VoIP app. These apps are dedicated to delivering a smooth and enjoyable calling experience. They are ensuring that you stay connected effortlessly.


FAQs (frequently asked questions)


What is the country code for Portugal?

The country code for Portugal is 351.

Do I need to include the area code when calling Portugal from the US?

Yes, if you are calling with a landline. Mobile phones generally do not require an area code.

Are there any specific calling hours?

Consider the time difference. Lusitania is in the Western European Time (WET) zone. So, be mindful of the time when calling.

What are the benefits of using the VoIP app for international calling?

VoIP app like Slickcall offers an easy-to-use dialing procedure, affordable calling plans, and a user-friendly interface. Making it a convenient choice for international calls.

How do I dial Portugal from the US?

To dial Lusitania from the US, dial the international exit code (011), the country code (351), and the local phone number.”]

Is +1 is the same as 011?

No, it’s not the same because +1 is the country code of the US, and 011 is the exit code of the US. You can use the + symbol if you are dialing with a mobile phone. Otherwise, 011 is used in dialing with a landline number.

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