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Have you ever wanted to talk to folks in the US while you’re in Ireland? Well, your wish just came true! This blog is all about showing you the simple way to call the US from Ireland (IE). Yep, you heard it right – calling the USA from Ireland is achievable and accessible, and we’re here to walk you through it. Whether catching up with pals or getting in touch for business, we’ve got your back. Get ready to discover the easiest way of making international calls in this comprehensive guide. So, let’s dive in and uncover how to call the USA from Ireland without any hassle.


Dialing Format for Calling the US from Ireland

Making international calling plans this simple has always been challenging. Amidst the maze of options and methods, fear not! If you’re wondering how to call the US from IE (Ireland), we’re here to guide you. It’s all about knowing the correct country code and good internet to dial. Let’s discuss these area codes for dialing an American number from Ireland.


Step 1: Enter the exit code of Ireland

There’s a crucial first step if you aim to call the USA from IE. Before you dial the number, ensure you have entered the exit code of the country you are calling from, the Irish Republic. The exit code for Ireland is ‘00,’ and it should come before the area code and the telephone number. If you want to call anywhere from the Irish Republic, dial the “00” exit code.
This seamless combination of codes ensures a smooth connection across borders, enabling you to reach your desired international destination effortlessly.

Two hands are demonstrating the dialing format for calling the USA from Ireland.


Exit Code Alternative

Alternatively, you can use the ‘+’ symbol in place of the exit code.


Step 2: Enter the country code of the United States of America

Once you’ve entered the exit code, the next step is dialing the country code. Every nation has a distinct country code, usually single or double digits. Now, focusing on our scenario of calling the USA from Ireland, you’ll need to input the US country code, which is 1. This essential sequence of codes ensures your call is directed to the right international destination, making your call endeavor smooth and efficient.

A smooth demonstration of adding country code of the United States of America in your dialing pad.


Step 3: Enter the area code of the USA

After you’ve successfully dialed the Irish Republic exit code and the US country code, the next vital step to call the USA from IE is entering the specific area code of the US city or region you intend to reach. These area codes typically comprise three digits and are crucial in accurately routing your call. With around 291 area codes scattered across the United States, having the correct one on hand is essential.

Two hands are adding the area code of the United States of America in 2023
Presented below is a comprehensive table detailing the area codes for prominent cities and regions across America.



Area Code

Washington DC202
Baton Rouge225
Oklahoma City405
Salt Lake City385
New York City212
Los Angeles213
San Francisco415


Landline vs. Mobile: Dialing Distinctions

However, it’s important to note that you must dial the area code when dialing a landline telephone. On the other hand, the area code often needs to be revised for mobile numbers.


How to Dial an American Number from Ireland

Once you’ve successfully dialed the exit, country, and area codes, you’re all set to input the US recipient’s landline or mobile number to call the US from Ireland. These American numbers typically consist of seven digits. So, in the process of dialing an American number from Ireland, this sequence of codes and digits ensures your call reaches its intended destination with ease and clarity.

For your convenience, there is an example of how you can successfully dial an international call to the USA from Ireland. On your landline and mobile screen, it looks like this:


Two hands are demonstrating how to dial an American number from Ireland
In the context of dialing, the exit code for the Irish Republic is represented by ‘00,’ while ‘1‘ signifies the US country code. Following this, ‘212‘ is the area code, and the seven-digit telephone number completes the sequence.


Different Ways for Calling the USA from Ireland

There are many cost-effective ways for dialing the USA from the Irish Republic, and we are discussing these ways in this blog so that you can find out how to call the USA from Ireland in the best economical way.

Displaying three different ways for calling the USA from Ireland with ease


Call From Ireland to the US with a Cell Phone or Landline

Dialing the US from Ireland through international direct calls using either a cell phone or fixed line number is a straightforward process. Once you’ve subscribed to the business phone system and obtained your local number, it’s all about adhering to a specific dialing format.
To initiate the call, begin with the exit code for the Irish Republic. Then, input the US country code, the area code, and the seven-digit phone number. This results in a structured number like ‘00-1-XXX-XXXX-XXX‘ or ‘+1-XXX-XXXX-XXX‘.
It’s worth noting that the dialing procedure remains consistent whether you’re using a cell phone or a landline to connect to the US from Ireland. Additionally, both mobile phone numbers and landline numbers in the US adhere to the same seven-digit format. But this method to call the USA from the Irish Republic will be costly and make you pay a heavy bill.


Call Using a Prepaid Calling Card

Another way to call the US from Ireland involves using a prepaid calling card. This method entails purchasing a local Irish Republic SIM card and loading it with credit. Following that, it’s a matter of subscribing to the calling plan offered by your chosen service provider.
Once these initial steps are complete, the process is streamlined. You input the ISD code or country code, which for the US is 1, followed by the recipient’s phone number. With this approach, you’re ready to effortlessly make calls to the US from Ireland. This method offers convenience and a practical way to stay connected without hassle, proving that dialing USA from IE can be a seamless experience.

Remember this Before Calling Through a Card

Frequent international calls using prepaid SIM cards can lead to higher expenses.


Call via the Internet

Suppose you’re seeking an economical way to call America from Ireland; consider the realm of internet calling. Increasingly, people are favoring this method over purchasing prepaid calling cards.
The rise of platforms like Boss Revolution, Rebtel, Yolla, and Talk 360 has revolutionized communication, offering the convenience of international calls across borders.
Furthermore, a platform like Slickcall has turned international calling extremely cheap. It offers an array of features that traditional phone networks often lack. For those pursuing seamless communication, this digital alternative has transformed the landscape of calling the USA from Ireland.

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What sets these services apart is the cost-effectiveness and versatility they offer. Gone are the days of counting minutes and dealing with hidden fees. With competitive rates and transparent pricing, internet calling platforms offer a hassle-free alternative. Moreover, they provide a range of additional features like video calls, text messaging, and voicemail that traditional phone networks often lack. Because many people have fast internet and use smartphones a lot, these digital services are now the popular way to talk to loved ones across the ocean.


What is the Best Time to Call the US from Ireland?

Before calling the USA from Ireland, checking the local time there is essential. This consideration is crucial because when it’s morning in Dublin, it may be when people in the US are still fast asleep.

A blue and red colored map is showcasing the different time zones of the US


For Example: If you dial someone in New York at 11 AM Dublin time, your call will reach them at 6 in the morning, typically before dawn breaks.

quote left

Be mindful of the US time zones to ensure your calls are made at appropriate times. The good news is that US time zones are relatively straightforward. The United States encompasses nine time zones, including territories, all exhibiting an hour's difference.

quote right

Eastern Standard Time (EST): New York and Philadelphia are in the EST zone, which is 5 hours behind IST.
Central Standard Time (CST): Chicago and Austin are part of the CST zone, which lags behind IST by 6 hours.
Mountain Standard Time (MST): Denver and Salt Lake City operate on MST, which is 7 hours behind IST.
Pacific Standard Time (PST): Cities like Los Angeles and Seattle follow PST, which is 8 hours behind IST.
Alaska Standard Time (AKST): Alaska, Fairbanks, and Juneau adhere to AKST, which is 9 hours behind IST.
Hawaii-Aleutian Time (HST): The HST zone covers Hawaii and is 10 hours behind IST.
Samoa Standard Time (SST): SST is observed in American Samoa and is 11 hours behind IST.
Chamorro Standard Time (CHST): Guam follows CHST, which is 12 hours behind IST.

Except for Arizona and Hawaii (along with certain overseas US territories), all US states adhere to daylight saving time. This means that from March to November, an additional hour is to be factored in when calculating time in the US. But don’t worry – manual calculations aren’t necessary. You can conveniently employ online time converters to determine the precise time in any US state.


How to Call the USA from Ireland in the Easiest Way

For those interested in calling the USA from the Republic of Ireland, consider the fantastic online calling service, Slickcall. With its intuitive interface and complimentary international calling rates, Slickcall presents an excellent option for making top-notch calls to any US landline or mobile number. Experience hassle-free communication across the world with Slickcall. With our app, you do not need to dial those codes because Slickcall knows these codes are challenging to remember, and Slickcall always works for the ease of its users.

Moreover, Slickcall offers complimentary calling rates that make calling America from Ireland an economical task. You’ll be amazed at how far your calling budget can stretch with Slickcall. This commitment to cost-effectiveness without compromising on call quality is what makes Slickcall a fantastic option for staying connected with loved ones in the US.


Calling the USA from the Republic of Ireland is Free

Exciting news for all Slickcall users! Introducing the US Unlimited Plan, which you call the USA from Ireland, is now free. With the innovative offering of this application, you can dial America from the Irish Republic without worrying about hefty charges. Stay connected effortlessly, bridging the miles with crystal-clear conversations. It’s time to embrace seamless communication as you explore the world of Slickcall, making dialing an American number from the Irish Republic a breeze and cost-effective.


Ways to call the USA from Ireland with Slickcall?

We’re about to unveil the ultimate answers that bring your conversations across continents! By using these steps, you can call the USA from Ireland. The following are the ways:

  1. Dial pad
  2. Directly from your contact list


Method 1: Dial pad

  1. Open the Slickcall app.
  2. Select “Enter the number manually”.
  3. Choose the “United States” from the country list.
  4. Now dial the number.
  5. Start calling


Method 2: Directly from your Contact List

  1. Open the Slickcall app.
  2. Select the desired US number.
  3. Start calling



Why choose Slickcall?

The most significant advantage of making a call to the US through Slickcall, it doesn’t even cost you a penny. The following are the reasons to choose Slickcall so that you can be sure you obtained the best for yourself.

  • No installation fees
  • No taxes
  • No irritating ads
  • User-friendly interface


Final Verdict

We have shown you “how to call the USA from Ireland” simply and cost-effectively. We have also provided tips on making the most of your calls, such as checking the local time in the US before you call and using a service like Slickcall to get free calls to the US. The journey of calling the USA from (IE) Ireland unfolds seamlessly when you possess the proper knowledge. With our game-changing US Unlimited Plan, you can make those transatlantic calls without worrying about the cost. With crystal-clear conversations bridging the miles, the world becomes your playground.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Calling the USA from Ireland


info icon filled How do I make an international call from the Irish Republic?

To make international calls from the Irish Republic, you need to dial the international exit code, country code, and area code, then enter the number of the recipient to dial the call.

info icon filled How do I ring an American number through Slickcall?

With Slickcall, you don’t need to remember those tough codes. Open the app, select the country you want to call, and afterward, dial the number and press the call button.

info icon filled How much does it cost to call the USA from Ireland?

Call USA from Ireland can be expensive if you use direct calls from your mobile, landline or call through a sim card, but if you are using an internal calling app like Slickcall, then it is free of cost.

info icon filled What are the best ways to call the US from Ireland using Slickcall?

You need to subscribe to the Slickcall US unlimited calling plan to enjoy the best way to call the USA from the Republic of Ireland. Or, if you choose the Slickcall pay-as-you-go option, you have to pay for the minutes you spend on calling.

info icon filled What is Slickcall and why should I use it?

Slickcall is a mobile app which allows you to call any number in the world at the lowest rates. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection to enjoy high-quality calls.

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