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In a world where people can easily talk to friends and family far away, calling someone in another country might seem tricky, especially when you want to call a beautiful place like Morocco from the United States. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you understand how to make these calls with clarity in an affordable way.  We will take you step-by-step through the full procedure in this thorough tutorial, from understanding the exit code, country code, and area code to learning about the time difference between both countries. We’ll introduce you to a hassle-free solution for making international calls. Read on to discover how to call Morocco from the USA in 2024.


Step to Call Morocco from the USA

First Step: The Exit Code

You need to begin with the exit code to initiate an international call from the US. This code allows your call to exit the United States and connect with the international network. The exit code for the United States of America is “011.” Remember to dial this before moving on to the next steps.

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If you dial a number from your mobile rather than the landline, then you can use the + in the place of the exit code.

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A mobile is displaying the exit code to call morocco from the USA.
Exit code to call Morocco from the USA

Second Step: The Country Code

Once you’ve typed in the exit code, the next thing to do is dial the country code. Each country has its unique code, typically two or three digits long. In our case, when making a call to Morocco from the USA, you’ll need to enter the Morocco country code, which is “212.” These codes are like addresses for your call, ensuring it goes to the right place in the world. It’s an important step to make your international call go smoothly and reach its destination efficiently.

A mobile phone is displaying the country code of Morocco to call Morocco from the USA
Country code to call Morocco from the USA

Third Step: Area Code of Morocco

Moving on to the area code, it’s an essential piece of the international calling puzzle. Just like every country has its unique country code, different regions often have specific area codes. For instance, a diverse and captivating country has various cities and regions, each with its distinct area code. When calling Morocco from the US, knowing the correct area code for the place you want to reach is essential. Here are a few examples:
















Tanger (Tangiers)




Including the correct area code in your dialing sequence ensures that your call lands in your intended location. Consider adding a specific address to your international conversation, making your call more efficient. 

A phone is displaying the area code of Morocco for calling morocco from the US
Area code for calling Morocco from the US

Final Step: Dialing the Recipient’s Number

After successfully entering the exit, country, and area codes, the next step is dialing the recipient’s phone number. In Morocco, phone numbers typically consist of 9 digits. Ensure you have the correct and complete number, including any local digits or extensions. Double-check for accuracy before making the call.

For your ease, here’s an example demonstrating how to make an international call to Morocco from the USA. When you view it on your landline or mobile device, it appears as follows:


A mobile phone is demonstrating the dialing format to call Morocco from the USA
Dialing format to call Morocco from the USA



Time Difference Between Both Countries

Before picking up the phone to make your international call, it’s essential to consider the time difference between these two countries. This country is in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) zone, which means it operates on a different timescale than the US. The time difference can vary depending on the time of year and your location within the US. Generally, Morocco is 4 or 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST), which is GMT-5.

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NOTE: Now that you know the detailed steps for calling Morocco from the US, let's make things even more convenient.

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Time difference between the United States of America and Morocco
Timing Difference America and Morocco


Most Easy way for Calling Morocco from the US

Remembering all these codes can be quite a task. That’s where Slickcall comes to your rescue! With Slickcall’s user-friendly app, making foreign calls is as easy as a few taps on your smartphone. Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Slickcall App: Download and open the Slickcall app on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Dialpad: Navigate to the “Dialpad” feature once you’re in the app.
  • Search for the Country: In the “Dialpad,” search for the country you want to call.
  • Enter the Recipient’s Number: Enter the recipient’s phone number after selecting the recipient country.
  • Start Your Call: Hit the call button, and Slickcall will handle the rest. There’s no need to worry about exit, country, or area codes – it’s all handled seamlessly by the app.
A person is calling Morocco from the USA using Slickcall application
Calling Morocco from the USA


Choosing a VoIP App for International Calls to Morocco to USA?

VoIP application like Slickcall is your best choice for making a cheap international call to Morocco from the USA. Here’s why:

  1. Affordable Plans: Slickcall offers a range of affordable daily and monthly plans. Say goodbye to hefty international calling charges.
  2. Unlimited Calls: A VoIP app like Slickcall provides unlimited calls to specific countries at an economical price. It’s a cost-effective solution for staying connected with loved ones abroad.

In today’s globalized world, staying connected with friends and family is essential. Making a call to Morocco from the USA may seem complicated, with exit codes, country codes, and area codes to remember. However, with the help of Slickcall, the process becomes effortless. You can make international calls without the hassle of codes. Slickcall offers not only convenience but also affordability with its various calling plans for Morocco. So, whether you plan to catch up with loved ones or conduct foreign business, Slickcall is the best option. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to effortless foreign calling. Stay connected like never before!


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Calling Morocco from the USA

info icon filled How can I find the correct area code for the city I want to call in Morocco?

You can find area codes for Moroccan cities by searching online or consulting an international dialing code directory. We also give the area code of different cities above in this blog.

info icon filled What's the time difference between Morocco and the USA, and why is it important to know?

The time difference varies, but Morocco is generally 4 or 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). Knowing the time difference helps you choose an appropriate time for your call.

info icon filled What if I make a mistake while dialing the exit, country, or area code?

If you make an error while entering these codes, your call might not connect correctly. Double-check your dialing sequence to ensure accuracy.

info icon filled Can I use a calling card to call Morocco from the US, and how does it work?

Yes, calling cards can be used for international calls. You typically dial a toll-free access number, enter your card's PIN, and then dial the international number. But this method is quite expensive.

info icon filled Is there a more convenient way to call Morocco from the USA without remembering all these codes?

You can use international calling apps like Slickcall, which simplifies the process. Enter the recipient's number, and the app handles the codes.

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