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Cheapest Way to Call Internationally from a Cell Phone

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Imagine a world where talking to someone far away didn’t cost a fortune. Well, that world is here! International calling isn’t a distant dream anymore. You can do it without emptying your wallet, and we’re here to guide you through the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone in 2024. Whether you travel a lot, want to grow your business internationally, live in a different country, or miss your far-off friends and family, we’ve got some excellent news for you. 

Our guide will teach you how to make cheap international calls! Get ready to learn how to stay connected with people worldwide without worrying about your budget. Join us as we reveal the economical way to call internationally from a mobile and make the world feel smaller, no matter where you are.


The Cheapest Way to Make International Calls

When finding an affordable way to make broad calls from a mobile phone, Slickcall takes the lead. While various options are available, like SIM cards, international calling cards, and other apps, Slickcall stands out as the most economical solution, offering straightforward and hassle-free internet calls for seamless international communication.


Cost to Call Internationally on a Cell Phone

When searching for a cheap way to call internationally from a mobile phone, many worry about the cost of overseas calls from various service providers. Ultimately, the best option depends on the chosen provider. However, Slickcall exclusively gives international calling rates that can provide affordable calling only for calls that you dial with no hidden charges to save on international calls from their cell phone.


Steps to Choose the Cheapest Way to Make Foreign Calls

Determining the economical way to call internationally from a mobile phone is the most crucial step, as international dialing makes you spend a lot of money. So, the following are the steps to choose the best for you.

Step 1) Finding the Most Economical Way to Call Overseas

The affordable way to call internationally from a cell phone can be similar to finding durable and affordable shoes. But we make this simple and easy for you as Slickcall makes you enjoy good quality calls and spend less on foreign calls.

A man laughing in joy after finding the most affordable way to call overseas


Step 2) Keeping an Eye Out for the Lowest Per Minute Rates

When aiming for cost-effective abroad calls, it’s crucial to be vigilant about securing the lowest per-minute rates. With various options, such as Slickcall, you can ensure that each call remains budget-friendly. By staying informed about the rates and choosing a provider with competitive pricing, you can connect with loved ones worldwide without breaking the bank.

A man scrolling his cell phone to find the lowest per minute rates for international calls


Step 3) Finding Affordable Calling Plans

Discovering affordable calling plans is essential for maintaining budget-friendly international communication. Providers like Slickcall offer plans to minimize expenses while ensuring high-quality connections. You can identify the most suitable and economical choice by exploring different calling plan options. With these plans, you can stay connected with friends and family across the globe without worrying about excessive costs.

A mobile phone placed on a wooden desk is demonstrating methods for finding affordable calling plans in 2023


A List of the Cheapest International Calling Providers

The following are the best VoIP service providers:

  • Slickcall
  • Vonage 
  • Rebtel
  • Yolla
  • Boss revolution
  • KeKu

This list shows the best VoIP service providers for cheap international calls. Still, we can’t use every single app because everyone prefers all-in-one, so we have the best one for you, but before we tell you about the app, let’s take a quick tour of every single app so that you can also know what you get.


In 2024, Slickcall is an innovative app that lets you connect with your loved ones using VoIP technology. You can make clear internet calls without disruptions, and your loved ones don’t need an internet connection to receive your call. Download Slickcall now to stay connected with your family and friends, whether they’re across the street or the globe.

Slickcall is a user-centric solution that prioritizes your convenience and communication needs. With a commitment to providing the best calling rates, this app has consistently demonstrated its dedication to ensuring affordable foreign communication for users worldwide. Your comfort and satisfaction are at the core of Slickcall’s approach, making it a reliable choice for those seeking the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone.

Download the Slickcall app now!


Red stylish logo of an international calling application named Slickcall



This app is one of the VoIP phone providers for international calling, trying to offer affordable calling rates, but the problem is the price of these dialing packages varies. It is not fixed, and frustrating because the price increases every time. So, Vonage also counts as an average VoIP service provider for cheap international calling.

The black logo of Vonage, a reliable calling app



This app stands out as one of the premier calling apps, offering a remarkable solution for global communication. This app empowers you to initiate cheap international calls effortlessly, quickly bridging distances. Whether you’re dialing mobile or landline numbers, Rebtel ensures seamless connectivity. However, it’s important to note that while Rebtel provides exceptional service, it operates within specific geographic regions and may not be available for all destinations worldwide.

The logo of Rebtel, a foreign calling application



Using the Yolla app, you can easily connect through affordable international calls, enabling seamless communication with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone living abroad.

Yolla simplifies conversations on both mobile and landlines; no doubt they have worked in this field for a long time, but still, the bundles for foreign dialing they offer give a dent in your pocket, and we always want more if we pay more.

The marine colored logo of an international calling service provider named as Yolla


Boss revolution

Almost everyone hears the name of this app and utilizes it too, but the people operating it know the rates they offer are costly. We are searching for the best VoIP service providers for cheap international calling.

Logo of Boss Revolution, a reputable foreign calling company



In 2024, KeKu is another contender competing for top VoIP service providers offering budget-friendly foreign dialing. Its long-standing presence in the field has established itself as a credible option. However, it’s important to note that when compared to other apps, Keku’s rates tend to be relatively higher.


Significant Savings with the Cheapest Way of International Calling

No matter when you use it, we offer the cheapest way to call internationally every time, allowing you to make calls at a price that makes you happy and keeps your wallet full.

Slickcall is the ultimate solution for affordable international calls. Offering an economical way to call internationally from a mobile phone, we provide the best rates for long-distance calls, ensuring you can easily reach your loved ones across the globe.


A new era has dawned in a world where connecting across borders used to come at a high cost. Foreign calling is no longer a dream. Our mission is simple: to empower you to bridge distances affordably. We’ve explored the realm of local SIM cards, foreign mobile SIMs, and tariffs, internet applications. Among them, Slickcall stands out as the beacon of affordability. With every call, we ensure you enjoy the cheapest way to make international calls, preserving your happiness and your wallet’s well-being.


Frequently Asked Questions About International Calling

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