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Cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone

cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone

Let’s cut to the chase. Inflation is a problem all over the world. For ex-pats living abroad, finding the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone is no easy feat. Each day, thousands of people are trying to connect with family or friends who live overseas. People want to contact faraway relatives to catch up and enjoy the holiday season, or they simply want to stay in touch with their old pals. Relax! In this article, we’ll guide you on how you can use Slickcall and avail the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone.


1. What is the best way to make an international call?

A lot of questions clog the mind when it comes to looking for the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone. For example, questions that surface include which app is the best or how do I make an international call on my cell phone, etc. We think the best way to make an international call is to choose a calling service that offers the most affordable international calling rates without compromising the call quality.


2. How much does it cost to call internationally on a cell phone?

Well. That’s a very common yet important question for figuring out the right calling service. Any time you hear people looking for a calling service you can find them asking how much does AT&T charge for international calls? Or how much does Verizon charge for international calls? And some even go as far as to ask “can I use WhatsApp to call an international landline?”

Ultimately, it comes down to your chosen calling service provider. Slickcall stands out by providing affordable international calling plans exclusively curated to satisfy the calling needs of its users.


3. How to choose an app that offers the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone?

Using a cell phone to make international calls is costly. You don’t have to spend a fortune calling abroad from USA, thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. But it’s not just the cost of the call, there are other hidden costs that you should be aware of. Let’s dig a little further to know some important factors:


3.1. Choose a reliable international calling app

Choosing a Cheapest international calling app can be like looking for the perfect pair of shoes. You want something that will last but should also be affordable. We all know that best international calling app are unreliable.

But what if we told you there’s one out there that’s not only reliable but also makes it easier than ever to call your friends and family overseas? Keep reading!


3.2. Keeping an eye out for the lowest per-minute rates

Keeping an eye out for the lowest per-minute rates can save you some serious cash. But it’s not always simple to find the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone.


3.3. Finding affordable calling plans

If you don’t have an affordable international calling plans that includes long distance calls on cell phone, then you’ll be charged expensive rates per minute for every minute of the call. This can add up quickly and easily cost hundreds of dollars per month.




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4. Which app is best for international calling? | Slickcall is the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone

One simple word. Slickcall. With our calling app, you can call abroad from your mobile phone for less and talk longer!


 4.1. Big savings GUARANTEED

No matter when you use it, we offer the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone that allows you to make calls- at a price that makes you happy and keeps your wallet full.


4.1.1. Cheap international calls from USA

If you’re looking for cheap international calls from USA, look no further than Slickcall. We offer the best rates for long distance calls on cell phone, and we’re committed to offering you easy access to your loved ones no matter where they are in the world.


4.2. Use auto top-up for smooth communication | Enjoy the cheapest way to call Internationally from a cell phone

The auto-top-up service is a fantastic way to ensure that you never run out of credit while talking to your loved ones. With auto top up enabled, you can relax knowing that you’ll never be caught short on credit again.


4.3. User-friendly UI

Slickcall’s smart, simplified and attractive UI creates a better user experience, which makes it easier for the user to navigate the app and makes them more likely to make calls. In less than a minute, you can locate and call the desired contact.


5. Conclusion

Cell phones and international calls have become commonplace. Choosing the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone is the need of the hour keeping in mind the global inflation. Slickcall is the best way to stay in contact with your family and friends.


Download the Slickcall app now!


6. FAQ 


info icon filled What app allows you to make international calls?

Slickcall is an app that allows you to make affordable international calls and help people to get in touch with their family, and friends living abroad. You can easily call on any landline and mobile number without any extra charges but to subscribe Slickcall calling plan.


info icon filled What is the best way to call internationally?

The easy way to make an international call with Slickcall is very easy, you just had to follow some steps:

  • Download the Slickcall app
  • Sign-in for free
  • Get FREE credit on your first sign-up to the app
  • Select country
  • Dial the number and Enjoy your unlimited international calling with Slickcall!


info icon filled How can I make free international calls from my Phone?

For the best international calling experience, you need to sign-up with the most popular and best international calling app, Slickcall. You need to subscribe to any plan according to your need and call abroad anywhere anytime using WIFI.


info icon filled Is WiFi calling international free?

It is free to some apps but restricted in some places. The best thing to call international using WI-FI is to use the Slickcall app for better connection to any worldwide number at low rates.


info icon filled How do I send a mobile top-up online?

Slickcall top-up features now allow its users to top-up their loved ones’ accounts online. You can easily do this and if you enable the auto top-up then you will get 5% of the top-up amount.


info icon filled How you can transfer money internationally?

By using Slickcall you can easily and quickly send money internationally. Under its high-security protocol, your money will be safe and secure.

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