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In our interconnected world, staying in touch with friends and family across borders has become essential to our lives. If you’re looking to connect with your loved ones in Guatemala from the United States, this comprehensive guide answering the question “How do I call Guatemala from the US?” will walk you through the various aspects of calling Guatemala – from understanding the exit code, country code, and area code to choosing the right service provider. Discover the most cost-effective ways to bridge the distance and stay connected with your dear ones.


How do I call Guatemala from the US?


Understanding the Exit Code


The exit code is your passport to a global conversation when venturing into international calls. In the United States, the exit code is “011.” This specific number signals the initiation of a foreign call and is the first step in connecting with your contacts in Guatemala.


Exit Code of the United States of America


The Country Code


You need to understand the country code to initiate a call to Guatemala from the United States. Guatemala’s country code is +502. This algorithm is essential when dialing an international number and ensures your call reaches the intended destination.


Country Code of Guatemala


Navigating the Area Codes


While Guatemala’s country code covers the entire nation, it’s essential to understand that specific regions within the country might have additional area codes. When dialing within this country, these area numbers help route calls to the correct locality. 


Area Codes of Guatemala Country


NOTE: However, when calling from the US, you generally do not need to worry about area codes within this country; simply using the country code is sufficient.

Following are some of the area codes of Guatemala:






Guatemala City





Dialing Procedure:


When calling Guatemala from the US, the dialing procedure involves a few key steps:

  • Exit Code: Dial the US exit code, which is “011.” This signals that you are making a foreign call.
  • Country Code: Enter the country code, which is “+502.”
  • Local Number: Finally, dial the local phone number in Guatemala that you want to reach.

For example, if you are dialing the number 123-456-7890 in Guatemala, you dial 011-502-123-456-7890.


Dialing Procedure to call Guatemala from the USA


Time Zone Considerations


This country operates on Central Standard Time (CST), 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC-6). It’s crucial to be mindful of the time difference when scheduling your calls to ensure you don’t disturb your contacts during odd hours.


Time zone difference between US and Guatemala


Service Providers for International Calls


Choosing the right service provider for international calls is crucial to ensure clear connections and cost-effective rates. Here are some popular options:

  • Traditional Phone Services: Most landline and mobile phone providers offer international dialing options. However, these can be relatively expensive, and it’s essential to check the rates and terms before making foreign calls.
  • VoIP Services: The service providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) like Slickcall, Rebtel, and King Revolution offer cost-effective alternatives for abroad calls. For the best call quality, make sure your internet connection is reliable.
  • International Calling Cards: Prepaid international calling cards are available at various retailers. These cards provide a fixed amount of call time at a specified rate. Be aware of any additional fees and expiration dates associated with these cards.


Mobile Carrier Considerations


If you plan to use your mobile phone to call Guatemala, check with your carrier regarding international calling plans. Many carriers offer specific packages for foreign calls, which may include discounted rates or flat fees for a certain number of minutes.


Internet-Based Guatemala Calling Apps


Utilizing internet-based dialing apps can be a cost-effective and convenient way to connect with your contacts. Apps like Slickcall, talk 360, and Rebtel allow for voice calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data.


Considerations for Landline Calls


If you’re calling a landline, it’s essential to be aware that international calls to landlines may be more expensive than calls to mobile phones. Confirm the rates with your service provider before making the call.


Tips for Clear Communication


To ensure a smooth conversation, consider the following tips:

  • Check the Time Difference: Be mindful of the time difference to avoid calling at inconvenient hours.
  • Use a Reliable Connection: Opt for a stable internet connection or choose a service provider with a reputation for clear international calls.


Cost Considerations


International calling rates can vary significantly, and it’s crucial to be aware of the costs associated with your chosen dialing method. Compare rates from different providers to find the most economical option.


Alternative Method to Call Guatemala from the USA


In addition to traditional phone calls, consider alternative methods of communication, such as VoIP apps. These options may provide cost savings and flexibility.



Calling Guatemala from the United States in 2024 involves a few key steps, including understanding the country code, selecting the right service provider, and being mindful of time zone differences. Whether you prefer traditional phone services, VoIP apps, or international calling cards, this comprehensive guide provides the information you need to stay connected with your friends and family. Stay informed, choose the right option for your needs, and enjoy seamless communication across borders.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the exit code for the United States when making international calls?

The exit code for the United States is “011.” It is the number you dial at the beginning of an international call to signal that you are making a call outside the country.


What is Guatemala’s country code?

Its country code is “+502.” This specific number is essential when dialing an international number and ensures that your call reaches its intended destination.


What are the area codes for specific regions within Guatemala?

This country has specific area codes for different regions


Do I need to worry about area codes within Guatemala when calling from the US?

Generally, when calling from the US to Guatemala, you do not need to worry about area codes. Simply using the country code (+502) is sufficient for international calls.

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