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When you’re living abroad, connecting with loved ones in Greece is a lifeline. It’s easier than you think to bridge the distance and keep those bonds strong by calling Greece from the USA. However, international dialing can be tricky and expensive in 2024. You need to remember the exit code (usually “011” in the US), the country code for Greece (“30“), and the recipient’s specific phone number. Making a single mistake by dialing one wrong digit can result in a frustrating failed connection. We’ve outlined the steps for calling Greece from the US to simplify the process. By following our easy-to-understand guide on “how to call Greece from the USA,” you can swiftly and seamlessly reconnect with your family, ensuring every call is a cherished moment shared without any hassle.


Steps for Calling Greece from the US

To call Greece from the USA, you must follow the dialing format to enjoy a meaningful conversation. By diligently following these steps, you can rest assured that you’ll reach the right person, fostering stronger bonds and maintaining a vital connection with your family and friends.


Step 1: Enter the Exit Code of the US

When calling Greece from the US, the initial step is of utmost importance. Make sure you’ve entered the exit code for the country you’re calling from, which in this case is the US, accurately before you start dialing the number. The exit code for the United States is ‘011,’ and it must precede the area code and the telephone number you wish to dial. To successfully call Greece from the USA to anywhere in the world, you should always start by dialing the “011” exit code. This seamless combination of codes ensures a smooth and trouble-free connection across international borders, allowing you to effortlessly reach your desired destination.

exit code to call greece from us


Step 1.1: Dialing Exit Code with Mobile

If you are dialing the exit code with the mobile, then replace the “011” with the “+” sign. In the mobile phone, ‘+‘ indicates the exit code.


Step 2: Dial the Country code Of Greece

After inputting the exit code, the subsequent step involves dialing the specific country code. Each country has its unique country code, typically two or three-digit numbers. In the context of dialing Greece from the US, you should dial the country code of GR, which is 30. This fundamental sequence of codes guarantees that your call is accurately routed to the intended international destination, ensuring a seamless and efficient connection for your call.

country code of greece


Step 3: Dial the Area code

Once you’ve effectively entered the exit code for the United States and the GR country code, the subsequent crucial task in calling Greece from the US involves inputting the precise area code of the specific city or region you wish to contact. These area codes typically consist of two to three digits and play a pivotal role in ensuring the accurate routing of your call. Considering that there are approximately 291 area codes spread across GR, it becomes paramount to have the correct one at your fingertips for a successful connection.

area codes of greece


Step 3.1: List of the Area codes of Greece

Following is the list of some of the area codes of Greece:






















Ano Liosia21Katerini2351Serres







Step 4: Enter the Recipient Number in GR

Following the successful entry of the exit, country, and area codes, the subsequent action involves dialing the recipient’s number. Greece phone numbers usually comprise ten digits, of which the first 3 or 2 digits are the country code. So, it’s essential to ensure you have the accurate and complete number, including any local digits or extensions. Take a moment to double-check for accuracy before initiating the call. To simplify the process, here’s an illustrative example showcasing how to place an international call from the USA to Greece.


Calling Greece from the US using a Mobile

There is a little bit of difference in the dialing format between mobile and landline. Both are illustrated here so that you never make a mistake whether you dial with a mobile or landline.


+ 30 281 XXX XXXX


calling greece from us using a mobile


Dialing Greece from the USA using a landline

While dialing with the landline, you have to enter the exit code of the US, which is 011.


011 30 281 XXX XXXX


calling greece from us using a landline


The Time difference in both Countries

When making international calls, it’s essential to be mindful of not only the international code and other necessary information but also the time difference between your country and the one you wish to call. Additionally, if your call serves a professional purpose, it’s important to take into account the working hours in the recipient’s country.

During the winter months, Greece is ahead of GMT by two hours, but during the summer, when it observes daylight saving time, it is ahead by three hours.


time difference between usa and greece


Easiest Way to call Greece from the USA

Remembering all the codes and numbers required for international dialing can be quite a challenging task. Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution to this problem are the VoIP apps, and one of the best VoIP service providers is Slickcall. It offers an effortless way to make calls from the United States of America to Greece without the need to memorize any complex codes or numbers. Here are some of the benefits of using it:

Ease of Use: It simplifies the dialing procedure, making it an incredibly user-friendly app. Now, let’s walk you through the simple dialing procedure when using this:

  • Download the Slickcall app from your Apple Store or Google Play Store and install it on your device.
  • Sign up for an account and choose the unlimited calling plan of Greece to enjoy cost-effective international dialing.
  • Or you can simply open the app and navigate to the dialpad. Simply select the country you want to call and manually enter the recipient’s phone number.
  • Tap the call button, and it will take care of the rest, ensuring your call is connected swiftly and hassle-free.

In addition to its ease of use, it is also a cost-effective international calling app. When you subscribe to the GR plan, you can enjoy budget-friendly Greece calling rates for your calls, making it an economical choice for staying connected with your loved ones in Greece. Say goodbye to the complexities of international dialing and hello to seamless, affordable communication with it.



Making a call to Greece from the USA is essential for maintaining connections with loved ones abroad. However, navigating international dialing codes and numbers can be complex. To simplify the process, follow the steps outlined in this guide. Additionally, you can call USA using VoIP apps like Slickcall which offers a hassle-free solution with easy-to-use dialing procedures and economic plans, making international dialing a breeze.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding International Calling

info icon filled What are the benefits of using the VoIP app for international calling?

VoIP app like Slickcall offers an easy-to-use dialing procedure, affordable plans, and a user-friendly interface, making it a convenient choice for international calls.

info icon filled How do I dial Greece from the USA?

To call Greece from the USA, you need to dial the exit code, which is 011, followed by the recipient country code, which is 30, and then the recipient's specific phone number.

info icon filled Is there a time difference between the USA and Greece?

During the winter months, Greece is ahead of GMT by two hours, but during the summer, when it observes daylight saving time, it is ahead by three hours.

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