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Trying to contact Austria from the United States may be confusing if you’re not an expert at international dialing. The web of country codes, area codes, and phone numbers can be overwhelming, leaving you frustrated and wondering if there’s an easier way. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we’ve compiled a straightforward and easy-to-follow guide calling Austria from the US

Not only will we demystify the complexities of international dialing, but we’ll also provide solutions to help you remember those crucial codes. With our guide, making that call to Austria (AT) is just one click away, ensuring that distance no longer stands between you and your international connections. So, keep reading to discover the secrets that will make calling Austria a breeze.


Steps to Remember when Calling Austria from the US 

When calling Austria from the United States, following a precise sequence of steps is essential to ensure your call reaches the intended recipient.

  • Dial the exit code of the USA: 011
  • input the country code for AT: 43
  • Enter the area code of AT
  • Dial the local landline and mobile number of the recipient


Step 1: Exit Code of the USA

This code signals that you’re initiating an international call. The exit code, such as “011” in the case of the United States, is pivotal in international dialing. It serves as the gateway to connecting with countries beyond your borders.

When you dial the exit code with mobile, use + instead of 011. It is also a sign that you want to call internationally.


A telephone is displaying the exit code of USA to call Greece from the US


Step 2: Country Code of Austria

The country code helps direct your call to the correct country. The country code, such as “43” for Austria, is a numerical identifier that designates a specific country within the global telephone system. It serves as an international postal code for phone calls, allowing the network to direct your call to the correct destination accurately. Here’s why dialing the country code is of paramount importance when making international calls:

  • Global routing
  • International connectivity
  • Avoiding confusion
  • Efficiency


A mobile demonstrating the country code of Austria for calling Greece from the USA


Step 3: Area Code

Austria has 1024 area codes. Like many other countries, AT employs area codes as a vital component of its telephone system. These area codes, also known as regional codes or city codes, serve several essential functions:

  • Geographical Precision
  • Efficient Call Routing
  • Local and Long-Distance Differentiation
  • Telephone Number Expansion


A phone dialing the area codes of Austria


Area Code List

Following are some of the area codes of Austria:









Baden bei Wien

2252Krems an der Donau2732Thuringen


Klagenfurt4222Salzburg662Zell am See


Klosterneuburg2243Sankt Polten2742Zwetendorf


Bad Gastein6434Krumpendorf4229Tulln




When dialing the Austria mobile number, the area code is unnecessary.


Step 4: Enter the Austrian Number

Finally, conclude the sequence by entering the local or mobile number of the person you wish to contact. By adhering to these steps, you’ll ensure a seamless connection to the right person on the other end of the line, no matter how far apart you may be. Austria’s number varies in length from 4 to 13 digits, and it starts with 6. There are also geographical area codes that have 6 as the initial digit. 


Calling Austria from the USA with Mobile Phone

Mobile phones may require you to input a plus symbol (+) before the country code (e.g., “+43”) instead of the exit code. 




Making an international call to Greece from the United States using a mobile device


Calling Austria from US with the Landline

Dialing an Austrian phone number from a landline is a straightforward process. Enter the international exit code after that input the country code now dial the area code and at the last enter the local number.


011 43 225 234 5678


An individual is dialing the landline number for calling Austria from the US



Time difference between the USA and Austria

Time difference between Austria and the United States of America

The time difference between Austria and the United States varies depending on the specific states within the USA and the regions within AT. Austria is situated in the Central European Time (CET) zone, which is UTC+1, while the United States spans multiple time zones. Here are some key points to consider regarding the time difference:

  • Eastern Time (ET) Zone: When it’s 12:00 PM (noon) in Austria (CET), it is 6:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) in the eastern part of the United States (Eastern Standard Time, EST). However, keep in mind that the United States switches to Daylight Saving Time (EDT) during the summer, which advances the clock by one hour. So, the time difference becomes 5 hours during this period.
  • Central Time (CT) Zone: In the Central Time Zone of the United States, the time difference is typically 7 hours, but it becomes 6 hours during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Mountain Time (MT) Zone: For the Mountain Time Zone, the time difference is usually 8 hours, or 7 hours during Daylight Saving Time.
  • Pacific Time (PT) Zone: In the Pacific Time Zone, the time difference is typically 9 hours, or 8 hours during Daylight Saving Time.


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It's essential to be aware of these variations, especially when scheduling international calls, video conferences, or travel plans. Be sure to check the current time difference between your specific locations in Austria and the United States, as well as any potential changes due to Daylight Saving Time.

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An Easy Solution to Free Yourself from these Difficult Dialing Process

Remembering and correctly inputting those long strings of exit codes, country codes, and area codes can be a real challenge when trying to connect with loved ones abroad. All too often, a single incorrect digit can leave you feeling disconnected from those who matter most. Moreover, traditional international calling methods can be quite costly, making it an expensive way to stay in touch. That’s where VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps like Slickcall step in to revolutionize the way we communicate across borders.

These apps utilize the power of the Internet to offer a more affordable and user-friendly alternative. With VoIP apps, you can bypass the complexities of code dialing entirely. Instead, you simply select the desired country, enter the recipient’s number, and hit that call button. Many of these apps even provide convenient Austria calling plans, allowing you to connect with your loved ones without the hassle of codes and without breaking the bank on international calls. It’s a modern solution for global communication, making staying in touch with family and friends abroad easier and more affordable than ever before.



International dialing can be complex and costly due to codes and numbers. VoIP apps like Slickcall offer a simple, affordable alternative, eliminating the need for codes and providing convenient calling plans. Stay connected effortlessly with loved ones abroad.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Calling Austria from the US

info icon filled What is the significance of a country code when dialing internationally?

The country code directs your call to the correct country. It's like an address for your call in the global telecommunications network.

info icon filled Do VoIP apps work on both mobile and landline phones?

Yes, many VoIP apps can work on both mobile and landline phones, offering flexibility in making international calls.

info icon filled Can I use VoIP apps to call other countries besides Austria?

Yes, VoIP apps often allow you to call various countries worldwide. They are versatile tools for international communication.

info icon filled Do I need to have a data plan or Wi-Fi connection to use VoIP apps?

Yes, most VoIP apps require an internet connection, either through a data plan or Wi-Fi, to make and receive calls.

info icon filled How do I find the correct area code when calling Austria from the US?

Area codes vary depending on the specific region or city in Austria. You can find a list of Austria's area codes online or consult your service provider.

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