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Calling Aruba from the USA is a straightforward process that ensures you stay connected with your loved ones or business associates effectively. You must take a few essential steps to achieve this. First and foremost, keep in mind that calling is efficient when done on time. Ensure that you’re mindful of the time zone difference between the USA and Aruba (ARB) to avoid calling at inconvenient hours. 

Secondly, during international calls, inputting the correct number format and providing all the necessary details to connect with the desired country is vital. Any errors could result in a failed connection. Lastly, consider exploring cost-effective calling methods and systems to save substantial amounts on your phone bills. By following these guidelines for calling Aruba from the USA, you can maintain seamless communication without breaking the bank.


Steps to Follow while Calling Aruba from the USA

When making a call to Aruba from the USA, it’s crucial to follow the correct steps for a successful connection. Start by dialing the valid exit code, country code, and area code. Depending on whether you are calling an ARB landline or a mobile phone, there are different methods to follow. Following these steps ensures that you can easily call Aruba from the US and stay connected with your loved ones. For more detailed instructions on how to call Aruba from the US, continue reading this blog.

Case 1: How to Call Aruba landline from the United States of America

To dial Aruba from the USA, you need to follow the following steps;

Step 1: Begin by dialing the US International Exit Code, which is 011.

Step 2: Next, dial the ARB Country Code, which is 297.

Step 3: For calls to specific areas like Oranjestad, include the different area codes, such as 582.

Step 4: Finally, complete the call by dialing the last four digits of the recipient’s landline number.

  • Exit code of US

When you’re calling Aruba from the United States, you’ll need to initiate the call with the code 011, which serves as the international exit code for the US.

A mobile phone is displaying the exit code to call Aruba from the US.

  • Country code of Aruba

Just like the exit code of any nation, each country possesses its distinct country code. It serves as the gateway to connect calls within that specific country. In the case of ARB, its designated country code is 297. To successfully connect your calls within Aruba, make sure to include this code immediately following the US exit code 011. This essential step ensures that your call is correctly routed to its destination, connecting you seamlessly with ARB.

A cell phone showcasing the country code of Aruba to call Aruba from the USA

  • Area code

Within every country, individual regions are assigned unique area codes. To establish a connection with a particular region, simply input the corresponding area code, and your call will seamlessly link to its destination. Once you’ve entered the country code, proceed to dial the specific area code for the region you intend to call.

A phone is displaying the area code of Aruba

Here is the list of some of the area codes of cities in Aruba:

Area Code



San Nicolas


Santa Cruz







  • Landline Number

Once you’ve entered the exit, country, and area codes, the next step is to input the specific fixed-line number you wish to call. The complete number format will be 011 + 297 + area code + landline number

For instance, when dialing a landline number in Oranjestad, you would dial 011 297 582 4567, with “4567” representing the last four digits of the local phone number. This procedure is essential for calling Aruba from the US or other international locations. You would typically use a seven-digit landline number for local calls within ARB.

A person is dialing the landline number of Aruba from the United States of America

Case 2: How to Call Aruba Mobile from the USA

The procedure for dialing mobile phones in Aruba from the US closely resembles that for landlines, with only a few minor variations in the steps. Let’s go over the step-by-step process to clarify these differences.

Step 1: Start by dialing ‘+‘ in the place of the US exit code, which is 011.

Step 2: Next, dial the ARB country code, which is 297.

Step 3: Finally, dial the 7-digit mobile number you wish to reach.

  • Dial Exit Code

For calling any international number dialing the exit code is mandatory whether calling a mobile or landline number. Still, in the case of the mobile number of Aruba, you can use the ‘+‘ sign in place of the exit code, which is 011.

A person is dialing the exit code of Aruba in 2023

  • Dial the Country Code

After dialing the exit code, including the country code, is essential; your call cannot be connected to the intended country without it. In this case, the country code is 297.

A businessman is dialing the country code of Aruba

  • Dial the Mobile Number

Here’s where the process diverges when dialing landline numbers from an international location; you must include the area code, which is unnecessary when dialing a mobile number. After dialing these codes, you can directly input the recipient’s mobile number.

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In ARB, mobile phone numbers consist of seven digits, beginning with '5'. Thus, the format for calling cell phones in ARB from the US would be as follows: + (Exit Code) - 297 (Country Code) - 555-4567 (Mobile Number).

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A business person is dialing the mobile number of Aruba from the US

These steps outline the process for calling Aruba from the US. Let’s understand the time difference between ARB and the US and the best times to make your calls.


Perfect Timing for Calling Aruba from the US

When making international calls, it’s crucial to understand the time zone difference between your location and the destination country, in addition to the international codes and other relevant details. Moreover, for business-related calls, it’s essential to consider the working and business hours in the recipient’s country.

Nevertheless, the United States boasts six distinct time zones, which are:

  1. Eastern Standard/Daylight Time (EST/EDT)
  2. Mountain Standard/Daylight Time (MST/MDT)
  3. Central Standard/Daylight Time (CST/CDT)
  4. Pacific Standard/Daylight Time (PST/PDT)
  5. Alaska Standard/Daylight Time (AKST/AKDT)
  6. Hawaii – Aleutian Standard/Daylight Time (HST/HDT)

The prevalent time zone in the US is Eastern Standard Time, aligning with UTC -4:00. Interestingly, ARB also observes a time zone matching UTC -4:00. As a result, there is no time disparity between US Eastern Standard Time and Aruba.

Time differences across various US time zones compared to Aruba

  1. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) aligns with ARB Standard Time (AST), resulting in the same time.
  2. Central Daylight Time (CDT) is one hour behind Aruba (AST). For instance, if it’s 6:45 A.M. in ARB, it will be 5:45 A.M. in CDT.
  3. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) is two hours behind Aruba (AST). If it’s 6:45 A.M. in ARB, it will be 4:45 A.M. in MDT.
  4. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) is three hours behind ARB (AST). So, if it’s 6:45 A.M. in Aruba, it will be 3:45 A.M. in PDT.
  5. Alaska Daylight Time (AKDT) lags four hours behind Aruba (AST). For instance, if it’s 6:45 A.M. in ARB, it will be 2:45 A.M. in AKDT.
  6. Hawaii Daylight Time (HDT) trails five hours behind Aruba (AST). If it’s 6:45 A.M. in ARB, it will be 1:45 A.M. in HDT.
  7. Hawaii Standard Time (HST) is six hours behind Aruba (AST). For example, if it’s 6:45 A.M. in ARB, it will be 12:45 A.M. in HST (Honolulu).

Additionally, each time zone in the US observes daylight saving time from March to November annually. In this period, clocks will advance by one hour.

Time Zone

Standard Time

Daylight Saving Time


EST (UTC? 05:00)EDT (UTC? 04:00)


CST (UTC? 06:00)CDT (UTC? 05:00)


MST (UTC? 07:00)

MDT (UTC? 06:00)

PacificPST (UTC? 08:00)

PDT (UTC? 07:00)

AlaskaAKST (UTC? 09:00)

AKDT (UTC? 08:00)

Hawaii–AleutianHST (UTC? 10:00)

HDT (UTC? 09:00)

This is the complete time difference detail between both countries so that the call must be effective whenever you call anyone.

Time difference between the Aruba and United States of America

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Frequently Asked Questions

info icon filled Do I need to include an area code when calling Aruba?

Yes, for landline numbers in Aruba, you may need to include the area code, especially if calling a specific region. Mobile numbers in ARB typically do not require an area code.

info icon filled Can I use my regular phone plan to call Aruba, or will it be costly?

International calls can be costly with regular phone plans. Consider exploring cost-effective options like VoIP service. It offers affordable solutions for calling Aruba from the USA.

info icon filled Do I need to be aware of any specific regulations or restrictions when calling Aruba from the USA?

You must check with your service provider for any regulations or restrictions that may apply to international calling. Additionally, consider the time of day when making calls, as some businesses may have varying operating hours in Aruba.

info icon filled How can I ensure that I have the correct information for an international call to Aruba?

Double-check your dialing sequence, including the US exit code (011), Aruba's country code (297), and the recipient's number. Accurate input of these details is crucial for successful international calls.

info icon filled What's the best time to call Aruba from the USA to ensure my call is answered?

To maximize the chances of your call being answered, it's generally best to call during regular business hours in ARB, which aligns with the local working day.

info icon filled Are there any alternatives to traditional phone calls for staying in touch with friends and family in ARB?

Yes, you can use a VoIP app like Slickcall, which is more affordable and cost-effective, and you never feel any burden in your pocket.

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