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This Easter, Make Calls with Cheap International Calling App

The best cheap international calling app

It’s EASTER time! Easter is considered one of the best ways to connect with family. Slickcall is a cheap international calling app that will let you make affordable international calls to any country without any hassle.

We understand that finding a cheap international calling app that offers quality calling is much harder than finding an Easter egg. We have the perfect basket of international calling rates and plans for you and your family. 🥚 🐰❤️.

1. A time to celebrate NEW life!

Easter is the most joyful and lively festival. It comes in the glorious season of Spring. You know that Easter brings a bundle of vibrant activities, including an Easter bunny, gifting Easter baskets, going for egg hunts, and painting eggs. So, why not call your family to wish them a Happy Easter using our cheap international calling app?

2. Traditional ways to celebrate Easter from around the world

At Slickcall, we love to celebrate Easter and we are excited to share with you some traditional ways that how people around the world celebrate this very special day.

2.1. Flying Kites on the British Island of Bermuda

Do you know that on Bermuda’s beautiful British Island, celebrating Easter is a weekend affair? They begin their festivities with the Good Friday KiteFest, which locals and international visitors enjoy. People show off their homemade kites, with bold, bright-colored, and geometric designs.

2.2. Going for Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt is the most popular holiday activity. Elders of the family can hide real boiled eggs. You can also stuff plastic eggs with treats and hide them around the house.

2.3. Call back home with the cheap international calling app

Easter is a time when friends and family sit together to share a special meal and reflect on the past. A large number of people live away from their families and best buddies due to work and studies. They need the best app for overseas calls. And Slickcall is the best cheap international calling app.

With our cheap international calling plans, you can easily call back home without paying anything extra!

3. Let us help you to choose the best app for cheap international calls!

Dozens of app allows you to make international calls around the globe. Every app has its own specialties. Users of these apps can significantly reduce their international calling costs. This Easter, we will help you choose the best option!

3.1. Google Voice+

This cheap international calling app offers the best rates for international calling, along with voicemails, transcription, and voicemail messages. But unfortunately, this app is only for people living in the USA. So, this is not an ideal choice for an international caller.

3.2. Slickcall

If you are looking for an app that offers multiple features at low rates then Slickcall is the best app for international calls. Our services are available all around the globe allowing you to call anywhere in the world from any location. Furthermore, you don’t have to pay any taxes to call abroad, you just have to pay for the calling credit or the plan you buy.

3.3. Skype

Skype is a trending app used for international calls. If you want to make free calls you can use this app. But the most important part is you can’t make free calls to every country in the world. As it is restricted and has paid calls to some of the countries. And both users are required to have this app to connect.

4. This Easter chooses the best option for international calling!

The most reliable cheap international calling app is the Slickcall app. Slickcall cares about its users and offers the most competitive rates for international calling. We offer remarkable voice quality. We serve our services to almost 150+ countries. And on a special occasion like Easter, the Slickcall app is the best choice to call your family and wish them Happy Easter!

5. Slickcall offers the best calling plans with great quality!

Who doesn’t miss their family on this special occasion? Indeed, calling through a mobile carrier is always expensive; they always charge you extra. Have you checked our cheap international calling plans? If the answer is NO! Then download the app and check out them.

Enjoy using the cheap international calling app Slickcall and experience the best call with us!

6. Say “YES” to unlimited calling with Slickcall!

Slickcall the cheap international calling app offers a few monthly calling plans, including “Unlimited minutes” to some specific countries. If you want to make this Easter memorable for your family and friends, start calling with the Slickcall app!

7. Sum-up- Enjoy your Easter and stay connected using the Slickcall app!

We want you to call your family back this Easter at low rates and this is easily possible with our cheap international calling app. Our cheapest international calling app connects people from all around the world because we love to connect people with their loved ones living abroad. So, download the Slickcall app and call your parents to wish them Easter 😊❤️🎂.

With eggs, bunnies, and jelly beans, this bunny is in the air! Happy Easter everyone!🎂👑🎈🎈.

8. FAQ

info icon filled Which is the cheapest international calling app?

Slickcall is the cheapest international calling app. Get it now and make inexpensive calls around the world.

info icon filled What app can I use to call internationally for cheap?

You can use Slickcall the leading international calling app to call internationally for cheap.

info icon filled How to contact customer support?

  • Open the Slickcall app.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Press “Contact Us” via WhatsApp.
  • Enter the message and send it.

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