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This Easter Feel More Connected with the Cheap International Calling App

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Easter is just around the corner! Come celebrate with us this weekend! We have the perfect basket of international calling rates and plans for you and your family. 🥚 🐰❤️

If you live far away from your family, Easter is the perfect time to reconnect with your loved ones. Let your mom know how much you appreciate her with a surprise call. Call your old friend and cheer him/her about your elementary school Easter egg hunts. Say HELLO to your old family friend who used to come for Easter dinner every year. With the Cheap International Calling App like Slickcall, you can make all your calls from smartphone. We have created the Slickcall app to bring families together, no matter where they are in the world.

We understand that finding the cheap international calling app with a quality calling experience is much harder than finding an Easter egg. Now people are taking advantage of the best and most affordable app for international calling that can be used to call any landline or mobile number. And the GOOD news is that this application is available to everyone and anyone can download it for FREE!

1. A time to celebrate NEW life!

Easter is the most joyful and lively festival. It comes in the glorious season of Spring. You know that Easter brings a bundle of vibrant activities, including an Easter bunny, gifting Easter baskets, going for egg hunts, and painting eggs. Eggs are the symbol of fertility and rebirth. Painting the Easter eggs with the color red is an ancient tradition in memory of Christ’s blood, shed during the time of crucifixion. Pink, blue, green, yellow, and light purple are the traditional pastel shades to color Easter eggs. So, why not call your family to wish them a Happy Easter using our best cheap international calling app?

2. Traditional ways to celebrate Easter from around the world

2.1. Flying Kites on the British Island of Bermuda

Do you know that on Bermuda’s beautiful British island, Celebrating Easter is a weekend affair? They begin their festivities with the Good Friday KiteFest, which locals and international visitors enjoy. People who want to celebrate come to Horseshoe Bay Beach to fly and show off their homemade kites, with bold, bright-colored, and geometric designs.

2.2. Making Colorful Outdoor Carpets

The streets of Antigua in southern Guatemala are covered in colorful and vibrant carpets throughout Holy week in preparation for the Good Friday procession. Flowers, colored sawdust, fruits, vegetables, and sand are used to create a long carpet. The artists have 24 hours to create this lengthy carpet before the Good Friday procession.

2.3. Going for Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt is the most popular holiday activity. Elders of the family can hide real boiled eggs that have been created by children. You can also stuff plastic eggs with treats and hide them around the house.

2.4. Dressing in Costumes

In Finland, especially girls, dress up as Easter witches, wearing brightly colored attire painted freckles on their cheeks. These little witches travel door-to-door with bunches of willow branches decorated with bright feathers and crepe paper on Palm Sunday in Eastern Finland and on Holy Saturday in Western Finland. Children recite a Easter hymns to ward off evil spirits, and in return, they are rewarded with a chocolate egg.

Easter is a time when friends and family sit together to share a special meal and reflect on the past. A large number of people live away from their families and best buddies due to work and studies. Calling is their only source to connect with their friends and family. Almost 70% of calls are made on occasions and interesting thing is that calling service providers take advantage of this raise and increase the international calling rates. We must say this is UNFAIR!

2.5.1. Cheap International Calling App | Slickcall

We understand how much you miss your family when you’re away,😊 and we at Slickcall want to help you connect with them this Easter season, no matter where they live. With our best app for international calling, you can call them without any issues with calling rates, call quality, and connectivity. Download the Slickcall app now before Easter ends and you MISS the chance to wish your family.

Check our Slickcall YouTube Channel for more.

2.5.2. Our plans are adaptable

If you are looking for the best Cheap International Calling App that offers affordable calling plans, then you are on the right page. We offer AMAZING calling plans which are COOL enough.

Check out below some of our best international calling plans.

a) Germany Unlimited

Germany’s unlimited calling plan is just $5 per month and gives you unlimited minutes for the whole month so that you can make limitless calls to your loved ones back in Germany on landline and mobile numbers.

b) Global Unlimited Plan

Slickcall is the best cheap international calling app in the world. We offer a Global Unlimited plan for just $10 per month which allows you to call 15+ countries including Canada, France, Ireland, and many more. You just have to pay $10 a month and you can enjoy UNLIMITED calls. Isn’t that great?

c) Canada Unlimited Plan

We are sure you don’t want to miss out on this one. Canada unlimited plan gives you unlimited calling minutes for just $2 per month. That sure is a treat!

3. Easter is a Time for Family

When you think of Easter, you think of family and friends getting together to celebrate love, and life. Easter is almost upon us, then why not make it special for your loved ones? Slickcall is the cheapest international calling app that lets you stay in touch with your loved ones without disturbing your budget. So, download the Slickcall app RIGHT AWAY and spread love &  joy this EASTER 😊❤️🎂

With eggs, bunnies, and jelly beans, this bunny’s in the air! Happy Easter everyone!🎂👑🎈🎈


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