International Calls

Best Plan for International Calls to Stay in Touch With Family

Best Plan for International Calls

Does your service provider cost you high on international calls? It upset us when we hear the stories of people, that they are paying high international calling bills. So, to help them out we have launched the best plan for international calls. We are the cheapest way to call internationally.

Our best plan for international calls keeps you close to your family and friends despite the country you residing.

1. How many types of calling plans are available?

Choosing the right international calling plan type is an important thing. You need an international calling plan that will stay with you long-term.

Pay heed to the below-mentioned types of plans to make sure that you end with the best plan for international calls – whether for you or your family members.

1.1. Prepaid international calling plans

One type of international calling plan is a prepaid plan, also known as pay-as-you-go. In this plan, the user pays for their services by prepaying for connections that enable them to remain on the network. And this is one of the most used among people, as it is convenient and affordable.

1.2. Postpaid calling plans

On the other hand, there are postpaid calling plans. In this, the user receives an invoice at the end of each month. Normally, this is a fixed monthly fee. But there is a high chance, users may receive additional charges by using services not included in their package.

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Suggestion for you: If you are planning to shop for international calls then go for Slickcall prepaid plans, because they don’t have any hidden costs or extra charges.

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2. The real question is where to find the best-prepaid calling plans

So now as you have got the idea about postpaid and prepaid calling plans. And you have made your decision. So, the next question is where to find an international calling app that offers cheap prepaid calling plans.

Check out Slickcall the best mobile VoIP app offering you the best calling plans for international calls.

We have two categories of calling plans;

  • Monthly calling plans
  • Daily calling plans
  • Global Unlimited calling plan

Let us tell you that the Global Unlimited plan covered 15+ countries including Germany, Canada, France, and many others. You can make unlimited calls in these countries for the whole month.



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3. Get the best entertainment at low rates

Experience the best entertainment with our best mobile VoIP app at low rates. We are here to chill your mood when you are experiencing homesickness. Our international calling plans are affordable and super amazing.

So, download the Slickcall app, subscribe to the best plan for international calls, and enjoy high-quality voice calls.

3.1.  It’s the time to say goodbye to high bills

Together let’s say goodbye to those international apps asking for high calling bills. We want to help each and every single individual and to remove long distances between them and their families.

4. Family shows us the value of LOVE

Nothing is more valuable than FAMILY. One of the finest gifts we can give to our family is spending quality time with them and giving them undivided attention. Slickcall provides you with the cheapest way to call internationally from a cell phone.

5. Why our calling plans are the best option for your international calls?

You’re probably wondering, “Why Slickcall calling plans are more reliable than others’ plans?

Well, we’re here to tell you!

We know how difficult it is to stay away from your family and friends. That’s why keeping your needs in mind we have created Slickcall’s international calling plans.

lamp 1TIP:
Steps to subscribe to our best plan for international calls
  • Open the Slickcall app.
  • Press “Account”.
  • Press “Calling Plans”
  • Search for your desired country
  • Choose a plan to subscribe.
  • Choose a payment method (Pay with a Wallet or Credit Card).

6. You can be on the phone for hours!

Have you heard of an app for calling internationally that lets you talk on the phone for hours while simultaneously saving you a ton of money on your phone bills? If not, then search for Slickcall.

Slickcall is an international calling app for iPhone and android letting you enjoy high quality international affordable calling rates and helping you to do monthly savings.

7. Final words | Best plan for international calls

With our best plan for international calls, you can make affordable calls worldwide. We can give surety that using our international calling app will create easiness in your life. Moreover, you can be sure that you have got everything covered for your international calls.

Say goodbye to dropped and fuzzy connections by downloading the Slickcall app!

8. FAQs

info icon filled What app lets you call internationally using WiFi?

Slickcall allows you to call internationally over WIFI. This app uses VoIP technology to connect your call internationally.

info icon filled Which company is best for international calls?

Slickcall is the best international calling app for international calls. Our app offers you a bunch of features and competitive calling rates.

info icon filled How do I make international calls?

If you want to make inexpensive international calls then use Slickcall. Offers you multiple cheap calling plans. Join today!

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