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Get the cheapest rates for international calls and save up to 90%

cheapest rates for international calls

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International calling can be expensive, but with Slickcall, you can make calls to different countries at the cheapest rates. Slickcall is a top-rated VOIP caller app that offers high-quality calling services at incredibly low rates. Whether you need to make a quick call to a friend in another country, Slickcall has got you covered.

With its easy-to-use interface and top-notch calling quality, Slickcall has become one of the best apps that offers you the cheapest rates for international calls. In this blog post, we’ll explore how Slickcall offers the best international calling rates and how you can save money on your international calls using this amazing app.


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Slickcall is 90% cheaper than other services.


1. Affordable calls with Slickcall?

If you’re tired of paying unreasonable fees for international calls, Slickcall is here to reduce your expenses on international calls. Slickcall gives the cheapest rates for international calls, allowing you to make calls to different countries and the price will be quite low.

With Slickcall, you can enjoy high-quality calling service that is significantly lower in price than traditional phone plans. Whether you need to call your family, friends, or business associates, Slickcall has got you covered with its unbeatable and cheapest rates for international calls.


1.1. Cheapest rates for international calls

Making international calls can be costly, but with Slickcall it is very cheap. Slickcall gives the cheapest rates for international calls that can be up to 90% cheaper than others. Follow this guideline to enjoy the cheapest rates for international calls.




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Slickcall International Calling Rates


1.1.1. Easy to get app Slickcall

Slickcall is designed to support both IOS and Android devices so you can get our app from the play store and app store. Download the Slickcall app to enjoy the cheapest rate for international calls.

Download the Slickcall app


1.1.2. Sign up and earn FREE credit

Now sign up for Slickcall and enjoy the cheapest rates for international calls. Slickcall gives new users free $1 credit when they sign up, and you can use this credit to make your very first call for free.


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We want to make your experience with Slickcall THE BEST!.

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1.1.3. Dial any international number manually

You can dial any international landline or mobile number with Slickcall by following these steps;

• Open the Slickcall app.
• Select the number you want to call.
• Press the call button.
• Enjoy calling


1.2. Why Slickcall is the best option for abroad calling?

Slickcall is one such app that stands out as an excellent option for international calls. Slickcall provides crystal-clear voice quality and uninterrupted call connectivity for international calling. Here are the features you will love and are offered by Slickcall:

• International Mobile top-up
• User-friendly Mobile App
• No need to change the number
• No hidden charges
• Cheapest rates for international calls


2. How Slickcall is the most affordable app?

Slickcall gives the cheapest rates for international calls on the market. However, in general, Slickcall rates are significantly lower than others.

With the Slickcall pay-as-you-go option or affordable calling plans, you can choose the best option that suits your budget and calling needs. Plus, with Slickcall you can rest assured that your calls will be of high quality, even at the cheapest rates for international calls.

  • Pay as you go: Pay-as-you-go is a popular option for those looking for the cheapest rates for international calls. It is ideal for those who make infrequent international calls. By only paying for the calls you make, you can save money except for choosing expensive calling plans.
  • Calling Plans: Slickcall gives you a variety of calling plans. We offer daily and monthly calling plans. Our rates are low and affordable. These calling plans are designed according to your budget. You can save your money using the Slickcall app and enjoy high-quality international calls at a cheap price.


3. Keep track of your active and expired plans

To ensure that your spendings are in line with your budget, you need to keep track of how much money you are spending on your international calls. Here’s how you can keep track of your international calls while enjoying the cheapest rates for international calls using Slickcall:

• Open the Slickcall app.
• Go to “Account”.
• Press “Recents


4. Conclusion

Inflation has badly affected our spending habits so much that people are exercising great self-restraint while buying anything. At this time, having the best app to make international calls like Slickcall which offers high-quality international calls, mobile top-up, and the cheapest rates for international calls is no less than a blessing. Don’t wait. Download the Slickcall app now!


7. FAQs

info icon filled Which app gives the cheapest rates for international calls?

Slickcall is the best VoIP app that gives you the cheapest rates for international calls. You can enjoy the best audio quality at low rates for abroad calling.

Check out our International calling rates.

info icon filled How can I call internationally from my Phone?

Slickcall works on both Android and IOS smartphone devices for international calling. You can make calls using this app over WIFI.

info icon filled Is WiFi calling on international mobile or landline numbers free?

You can make WIFI free calling using some apps but these apps are restricted and can only provide app-to-app calling features like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. Slickcall allows you to make international calls over WIFI or mobile data in up to 150+ countries on both landline and mobile numbers, the receiver of the call doesn't need to have the Slickcall App. The calling rates are very low and affordable.

info icon filled Is international calling to landlines possible through Slickcall App?

Yes, Slickcall allows international calls on landline numbers also. With Slickcall enjoy a seamless calling experience on landline numbers at the affordable rates

info icon filled How do I send a mobile top-up through Slickcall?

Slickcall mobile top-up features now allow its users to top-up their loved ones. You can easily do this by following these simple steps
1. Open the Slickcall app
2. Go to accounts
3. Send mobile top-up

Check out How to send mobile top-up through Slickcall.

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