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Get the Cheapest Rates for International Calls and Save up to 90%

cheapest rates for international calls

Almost all apps for international calls are charging a hell lot of money. While assessing international calling apps, the first thing that you might do is check the international calling rates. No doubt, finding an app offering the cheapest rates for international calls can be a tough feat, especially during a time of inflation.

Experts say that inflation will likely remain elevated for the next few years. Hmm! Your international calls? We think you should seriously consider international calling apps that offer the cheapest rates for international calls.

1. How do the calling rates differ between apps? 

Well, that depends on the international calling app, charges can vary. The fact that most international calling apps charge additional fees, which eventually results in high calling rates.

But we have an app that offers affordable calling rates worldwide. See below

2. What is the cheapest international calling app?

Take our word, Slickcall is different!

Slickcall is the cheapest international calling app that allows you to make international calls at budget-friendly rates. Our app is Wi-Fi-supportive; it automatically brings down the cost of your international calls, making it the best app for international calls.

2.1. How much do overseas calls cost with Slickcall?

Naturally, you desire to get the cheapest rates for international calls.

We take pride in being the best app for international calls because we offer the cheapest rates to call internationally from a cell phone. But wait we offer more than just affordable rates!

As we said. Slickcall offers much more than just cheap international calls. We provide an experience that lets you enjoy high quality international calls at your favorite rates. So, the next time you want to talk to a loved one. You don’t have to think twice!

3. Why do switching to Slickcall would be the best decision?

Oh. To be honest! It’s a risk-free option. You get to experience a lot. Let’s dig deeper!

3.1. Keep track of your active and expired plans

To ensure that your spending habits are in line with your budget, you need to keep track of how much money you are spending on your international calls.  Here’s how you can keep track of your international calling plans while enjoying the cheapest rates for international calls:

  • Open the Slickcall app.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Press “Transaction History”

3.2. FREE calling credit upon sign-up

Who doesn’t like free stuff? Once you sign-up on Slickcall, you get to enjoy a $1 free calling credit. And OF COURSE, after that, the cheapest rates for international calls will definitely keep things easy and affordable for you.

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We want to make your experience with Slickcall THE BEST!.

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3.3. Unlimited international calling plans

So, your current international calling plan isn’t offering you the freedom to make international calls? Are you frustrated? Are you freaking out?

Just take it easy and subscribe to Slickcall’s best unlimited international calling plans that provide the cheapest rates for international calls.



Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.

3.4. Enjoy a FREE invite bonus whenever you want

So probably you are having a good time and you think the cheapest rates for international calls at Slickcall are helping you SAVE BIG for your next party with your friends.

lamp 1Tip: How you can earn FREE calling credit by Slickcall?
Here’s how:

  • Open the Slickcall app
  • Go to Account and press ‘Earn bonus’
  • Press the ‘Invite friends ‘tab
  • Your friend TOPUP his account
  • You will get $5 free call credit

4. Conclusion

Inflation has badly affected our spending habits so much that people are exercising great self-restraint while buying anything. At this time, having the best app to make international calls like Slickcall which offers high-quality international calls and the cheapest rates for international calls is no less than a blessing. Don’t wait. Download the Slickcall app now!

7. FAQ’s

info icon filled Which is the best app for international calling?

Slickcall is the best VoIP provider for international calling. It offers the best audio quality to call anywhere in the world.

info icon filled How can I call internationally from my Phone?

Slickcall supports both Android and iOS devices to use for international calling in 150+ countries around the globe. You can use any of your iOS phones and devices for abroad calling using Slickcall over WI-FI.

info icon filled Is WiFi calling international free?

But it is not free, you have to purchase a calling plan from the app to call abroad.With Slickcall, international calling is cheap and affordable.

info icon filled Is international calling to landlines possible?

Using Slickcall it is easy to connect to any landline number all around the world. You can dial any international landline number to get connected with your loved ones living abroad!

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