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How to Call Chile from the USA

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Imagine a world where everyone is neighbors, no matter how far apart they live! That’s kind of what’s happening now, thanks to globalization. But missing family and friends in another country can still feel hard, even with all this closeness. We get lonely, we miss their faces, and sometimes, we just want to share a funny story without having to type it. That’s where amazing technology comes in! It’s like a magic bridge that lets us talk to the people we love, even if they’re far away. In this blog, we’re going to learn the secret code to talk to someone in Chile from the USA in a way that’s easy and kind to your wallet.


Calling Chile from the US


The traditional way of making international calls involves dialing a series of digits before the actual phone number. For calling Chile from the USA, this typically begins with the exit code ‘011,’ followed by the Chile country code ’56,’ and finally, the local phone number. However, this method often comes with exorbitant costs, making it less than ideal for those looking to maintain regular communication.

Let’s explore this method so that you can easily decide which method is perfect for you.


Exit code


Calling Chile from the US is like taking a magic phone trip! But before you blast off, remember this secret code: 011. That’s like a special handshake for phones, telling them you’re leaving the US. Dial it first, then numbers, and boom – you’re in Chile! Easy-peasy and your call will sail across the ocean smoothly. No more borders for your chats, just happy connections!

Exit code of the United States of America


Country code


Once you’ve given the phone that secret handshake (011), it’s time for another code! Think of it like a special zip code for countries. To make sure your call lands right in Chile, dial ‘56’ next. That’s Chile’s special number, and it’ll keep your call on track, zooming straight to your friend’s phone. It’s like having a GPS for calls – no wrong turns allowed!

Showcasing the country code of Chile


Area code


After successfully entering the exit code for the United States and the designated country code for Chile, the next essential step in placing a call to Chile from the US is to input the exact area code of the particular city or region you intend to reach. These area codes generally comprise one to two digits and play a crucial role in directing your call accurately. 

Area Codes of Chile Country

List of the Area codes

Following is the list of some of the area codes in Chile


Area Code
Alto Hospicio 57
Angol 45
Antofagasta 55
Arica 58
Calama 55
Chiguayante 41
Chillan 42
Cohyaique 67
Colina 2
Concepcion 41
Copiapo 52
Coquimbo 51
Coronel 41
Curico 75
Hualpen 41
Iquique 57
La Calera 33
La Serena 51
Linares 73
Los Andes 34
Los Angeles 43
Lota 41
Melipilla 2
Osorno 64
Ovalle 53
Penaflor 2
Penco 41
Puente Alto 2
Puerto Montt 65
Punta Arenas 61
Quilpue 32
Rancagua 72
San Antonio 35
San Bernardo 2
San Felipe 34
San Fernando 72
San Pedro de la Paz 41
Santiago 2
Talca 71
Talcahuano 41
Temuco 45
Tome 41
Quillota 33
Valdivia 63
Vallenar 51
Valparaiso 32
Villa Alemana 32
Vina del Mar 32


Final step, enter the recipient number

Showcasing the Easiest international dialing format

Last but not least, it’s time to dial your friend’s number! Just like finishing a good story, this is where all the codes come together. In Chile, phone numbers are nine digits long, so make sure you have all the correct numbers before hitting dial. Think of it like putting the key in the lock – one last step, and you’re in! Here’s how it looks for a call from the US to Chile:

  1. 011: The US exit code, like a magic handshake for phones.
  2. 56: The Chile country code, like a particular zip code for countries.
  3. 58: The Arica area code, like finding the right neighborhood.
  4. 12345678: Your friend’s phone number, the finishing touch!



011 56 58 XXXX XXX


Other Methods to Call Chile from the USA


  • International Calling Cards

A more cost-effective alternative is the use of international calling cards. These prepaid cards allow users to make international calls at discounted rates. Dial the access number, enter the PIN, and then input the destination number, including the Chilean country code. It’s a convenient option for those who don’t care about the expanse without compromising on call quality.


  • VoIP Services

The advantage of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services has revolutionized international calling. Popular platforms like Slickcall, Rebtel, and Boss Revolution offer users the ability to make calls over the Internet, significantly reducing costs. Ensure both parties have a stable internet connection and the chosen app is installed for seamless communication.


  • Mobile and Landline Plans

Many mobile and landline service providers offer international calling plans that cater to different needs. These plans often include discounted rates for specific countries, including Chile. Check with your provider for available options, ensuring that you select a plan that aligns with your calling frequency and budget.


Cheapest Way to Call Chile from the USA


While various methods exist for making international calls, not all are created equal when it comes to cost-effectiveness. The best-kept secret for those looking to call Chile from the USA without breaking the bank lies in leveraging internet-based calling solutions. VoIP services, in particular, offer the perfect blend of affordability and quality.

Slickcall stands out as a rising star in the world of VoIP services, providing users with a seamless and affordable solution for international calls. With Slickcall, users can enjoy high-quality voice calls over the internet, ensuring crystal-clear communication. The user-friendly interface and competitive rates make Slickcall an attractive choice for those who prioritize simplicity without compromising on call quality. Its commitment to delivering a superior calling experience positions Slickcall as a front-runner among the various options available.


Clear Cut Solution


In this journey through dialing codes and communication methods, connecting with Chile from the USA unveils itself as a seamless experience. Slickcall emerges as the unsung hero, offering a user-friendly, cost-effective solution for international calls. With a commitment to quality, Slickcall becomes the key to effortlessly transcending borders. In a world where distances fade, let Slickcall be your guide to flourishing connections.


Happy calling!


Relevant Questions


Why is it important to know how to call Chile from the USA?

Knowing how to call Chile from the USA is crucial for staying connected with loved ones, primarily when residing in a different country. It ensures effective communication without the burden of exorbitant call costs.


What is the significance of the exit code and country code in international calling?

The exit code (e.g., ‘011’ for the USA) signals the start of an international call, while the country code (e.g., ’56’ for Chile) acts as a specific identifier, directing the call to the desired destination.


How can international calling cards provide a cost-effective alternative?

International calling cards offer discounted rates for making international calls. Users can dial an access number, enter a PIN, and input the destination number, including the country code, ensuring affordability without compromising call quality.


How can mobile and landline plans contribute to affordable international calling?

Many mobile and landline service providers offer international calling plans with discounted rates for specific countries, including Chile. Selecting a suitable plan aligning with calling frequency and budget can make international calls more affordable.

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