How to send mobile top-up to Ukraine from Bahrain?

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Slickcall offers you a mobile top-up service to stay connected with family and friends back home. We offer you to send mobile top-ups to Ukraine from Bahrain.

Give your loved ones the joy of cheap international calling rates and unlimited calls, sending messages, surfing the web, or many other options offered by their local carriers.

1. How do you send mobile top-ups using Slickcall?

Here are the steps to follow;

  • Download the Slickcall app.
  • Register your number.
  • Go to “Account”.
  • Press “Send Top-Up”.
  • Select the number.
  • Select the desired package.
  • Pay with a wallet or credit card.


An SMS will be sent to the recipient’s phone number to notify them about mobile top-up receiving.

2. Why you should send mobile top-ups with Slickcall?

Here are the reasons why you should send mobile top-ups with Slickcall;

  • Fast and quick
    Topping up with Slickcall is fast, quick, and immediate. You can complete the required operations in a few steps and send top-ups to Ukraine from Bahrain.
  • Safe and secure
    Sending mobile top-ups through us is a secure and safe way. Your data information is safe and protected by a data encryption system.
  • No hidden fees
    When you send mobile top-ups you will see the exact amount recipient will receive and the amount being deducted. No hidden charges!
  • Recipient doesn’t need Slickcall
    It is not compulsory for the recipient to have a Slickcall account to receive mobile top-ups.

3. Tips for sending mobile top-ups.

Here are a few things you should carefully check before sending mobile top-up;

  • Format of a cell phone number
    Make sure the recipient number should be saved in the correct format otherwise you may face an unsuccessful event.
  • Country code
    If you don’t enter the correct code then the app won’t be able to detect the network operator of the recipient.
  • Credit card details­
    If you are paying through a credit card carefully entered the card details to avoid any kind of failure.
  • Wi-Fi connection
    A Wi-Fi connection is essential. Before you send a mobile top-up check your internet connection.

4. The fastest way to send mobile top-ups worldwide.

We offer you the fastest and easiest way to top up any mobile number around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are in the USA or UK Slickcall lets you send mobile top-ups right from your phone to any other phone in the world.

Do you want to help your friend who runs out of balance? Then download the Slickcall app! With Slickcall you can send mobile top-ups every time they need it.

5. FAQs

info icon filled How do I send a Mobile Top-up through Slickcall?

Slickcall mobile top-up features now allow its users to top-up their loved ones. You can easily do this by following these simple steps:

1. Open the Slickcall app.
2. Go to ‘Accounts’.
3. Send mobile top-up

info icon filled Which app is best for international mobile top-ups?

Slickcall is the best app for international mobile top-ups because of its high-security protocols your data and money are safe and you can send top-up money in a few minutes to your friends.

info icon filled Is mobile top-up safe?

With Slickcall your data and money are safe. With its end-to-end encryption, your information is safe and secure.

info icon filled Which app can be used internationally for sending mobile top-ups?

Slickcall is an international calling app used for sending mobile top-ups internationally because the transaction fee is lesser than others.