How to Make a Call to Australia from the UK

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Calling Australia from the UK can be tricky, especially for Brits looking to expand their business there. Making successful international business calls can be hard without the right resources, and poor call quality can affect up to 30% of your customers. Plus, international calls can be expensive, causing you to lose money. 

To help, we’ve put together an easy guide on how to call Australia from the UK using a cell phone or landline. We’ve included a list of area codes and the best times to call. We’ll also share tips on how to improve call quality without spending a lot of money. Let’s get started. 


Steps to Dial an Australian Number from the UK 


Here’s how you can call Australia from the UK: 

  1. Dial the UK exit code, which is 00. 
  2. Enter the country code for Australia: 61. 
  3. Add the area code for the specific Australian city you’re calling. 
  4. Enter the landline number and press call to connect. 


How can you call Australia using the landline? 


It’s important to know how to call Australia from the UK for smooth business operations. Call Australia from the UK is easy if you follow these steps: 

Enter the exit code: Each country has an exit code, an international access code that indicates you are making an international call. For the UK, 00 is the exit code.

exit code of united kingdom 

Dial the country code: For Australia, the country code is 61. 

dialing format for mobile calling

Add the area code: Enter the area code for the specific Australian city you are calling. We’ve compiled a list of Australian city codes below for your convenience. 

area code of australia

Input the landline number: Finally, enter the landline number and press call. Wait for the ring to confirm the call is connected. 

Here’s an example to illustrate these steps. 

00 61 2 12345678 

Here, 00 is the exit code of the UK and 61 is the country code of Australia, while 2 is the area code of Sydney and the remaining is the landline number. 



How can you dial with a Mobile?


Here are the step-by-step instructions for calling Australia from the UK using a mobile. The steps are similar to the ones for calling with a landline, with a slight difference. 

Enter the exit code: Start by dialing the exit code for the UK, which is 00, but when you are calling with the mobile you just simply need to enter the ‘+’ in the place of 00. 

exit code of united kingdom

Dial the country code: Next, enter the country code for Australia, which is 61. 

australia country code

Input area code: Enter the area code for the specific Australian city you want to call. A list of city codes is provided below for reference.  


Input the recipient number: Finally, enter the telephone number of the person you want to connect with. For example, 

00 61 2 12345678

Here ‘+’ is the exit code of the UK and 61 is the country code of Australia while 8 is the area code of South Australia and the remaining is the landline number. 


Area Code List 

Australia has 19 area codes, and it’s important to know them for making international calls. When calling from the UK, use only the number outside the brackets. The number inside the brackets is for calls made within Australia. 

Area Name 

Area Code 

Adelaide  (0)8 
Albany  (0)8 
Australian Capital Territory  (0)2 
Brisbane  (0)7 
Canberra  (0)2 
Central and West Region  (0)8 
Central East Region  (0)2 
Hamilton  (0)3 
Melbourne  (0)3 
New South Wales  (0)2 
North East Region  (0)7 
Northern Territory  (0)8 
Perth  (0)8 
Queensland  (0)7 
South Australia  (0)8 
South East Region  (0)3 
Sydney  (0)2 
Tasmania  (0)3 
Victoria  (0)3 


Time Zone Difference for Calling


Australia has multiple time zones, so to increase your chances of reaching prospects, it’s important to call at their local time, regardless of your current time. This ensures they are available and can improve your success rate. The most common time zone in Australia is AEST, which is UTC +10:00. The UK is in the UTC +01:00 time zone, meaning Australia is 9 hours ahead. 

For instance, 12 AM in the UK is 9 AM in Australia. However, this can vary depending on the territory or state and whether daylight saving time is in effect. 

During Daylight Saving Time (DST), clocks are moved forward by one hour to extend evening daylight. They are set back again during the winter months. In Australia, DST starts at 2 AM on the first Sunday of October, and clocks are turned back by an hour at 3 AM on the first Sunday of April. 

As noted, DST is not observed in the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, and the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. It is observed only in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Norfolk Island, and the Australian Capital Territory. 


Is It Expensive to Call Australia from the UK? 


Even a short call to Australia from the UK can be costly, with rates around 4 euros per minute. If you frequently make business calls to Australia, the expenses can add up quickly. Business calls can vary in length, sometimes lasting only a few minutes, but other times extending for hours. In the latter case, you could end up paying over 200 euros for a single call. 

These high rates can eat your profit margins and disturb daily operations. It’s a good idea to check with your service provider about their international call tariffs beforehand. Be especially cautious with prepaid plans, as calls might be cut off if your balance runs out.  

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce these costs, and we’ve highlighted one of the most cost-effective solutions below. 


Lower your International Calling Cost by using Slickcall 

There is no denying that international calls are expensive. However, there are easy methods to make cheap international calls. One such solution is to use VoIP phone service providers that connect to international numbers via the Internet, significantly reducing the overall cost. 

Slickcall helps business owners achieve seamless VoIP connectivity with ease. It enables you to make cheap international calls through a reliable internet connection, making it easier for people in the UK to reach out to contacts in Australia. Here are a few ways Slickcall helps you save on calls: 


  • Fixed Price: 

Slickcall provides fixed pricing plans with no hidden charges, ensuring transparency and predictability for large teams or organizations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly what you’ll pay for your international calls without any surprises.


  • No Hardware: 

Slickcall is completely internet-based, so you don’t need to buy or maintain any external hardware. Simply download the application, subscribe to the plan of your choice, and you’re ready to make cheap international calls using a cell phone or UK landline. Slickcall handles everything else. 


  • Ease of Access:

Slickcall features an intuitive user interface that reduces the time spent switching between different apps for international calls. This increases working efficiency and productivity, leading to cost savings over time.


  • Better Customer Service:

Slickcall prioritizes customer satisfaction with dedicated support services. Experience hassle-free communication. Our reliable support team ensures prompt assistance, enhancing your brand’s image and expanding your global presence. 

These are just a few of the many benefits offered by Slickcall. You can also take advantage of a free trial to see if our platform fits your workflow. 


Always Remember

As you see, there’s no straightforward solution to reduce the expense of international calls to Australia from the United Kingdom. Yet, various methods allow you to change network providers and take advantage of the internet for cost-effective international business calls.  

For making affordable international calls via cell phone from the UK, transitioning to an efficient virtual calling app like Slickcall is paramount. These apps empower you to conduct international business without exhausting your budget on calls. Waste no time and embrace one today! 




Why are international calls to Australia from the UK so expensive? 

International calls typically incur higher charges due to the infrastructure required to connect calls between different countries. Additionally, telecom companies often apply surcharges for international calls, contributing to the overall cost. 

Are there any hidden charges associated with international calls to Australia? 

Some service providers may include hidden fees or additional charges for international calls, such as connection fees or peak-hour rates. It’s essential to review your service provider’s terms and conditions to understand any potential extra costs. 

How can I ensure good call quality when making international calls to Australia? 

To ensure good call quality, it’s essential to have a stable internet connection or use a reliable telecommunications provider. Additionally, consider using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, like Slickcall which often offer better call quality and lower rates compared to traditional phone lines. 

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