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Affordable international calling plans for 150+ countries

affordable international calling plans

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Well, it’s common that most of the time we are not aware of international calling charges. But using Slickcall affordable international calling plans will always keep you updated about the international calling rates. Slickcall is an app to call international at so affordable rates. Considering the present economic fall issues, we have made affordable international calling plans. So that everyone, can easily stay connected with their loved ones.


1. High calling rates are a pain!

No doubt, international call rates are a pain. You have to pay hundreds of dollars to stay connected with your family. Now, no more high phone bills. Your life is going to change after reading this blog.

So, keep reading!


1.1. Don’t hesitate, dial a call with us at low rates!

The cost and quality of the call, this is the first thing comes to your mind when making an international call. You might be thinking, that we are offering low rates international calls so that means quality is poor? No not at all! The quality is super amazing.

With Slickcall you can enjoy cheapest international calls in your desired country. We are offering crazy low rates.


1.2. Good things take time to happen

We know you have waited a long for the best plans for international calls to arrive. Now the wait is over. They are right here in front of you. Pick up your smartphone, go to Google Play store or App store, download the Slickcall app and make cheap international calls from usa.

Slickcall lets you call anywhere in the world for just a few cents per minute.


1.3. You are here for a reason

Of course, you are in search of affordable international calling plans that’s why you are here. You might have a loved one back home whom you call once a week. Or maybe you have an office in another country and need to keep in touch with your employees every day. Or maybe you’ve got a lot of different people scattered around the globe and you need to call them all frequently—and want to do so without spending more than necessary.


1.3.1. Slickcall | Best international calling plans

Welcome to our app which offers you the best international calling plans. Slickcall is a good option for making international calls as it offers you affordable international calling plans. We are making it possible for you to call around the globe without worrying about huge bills.


1.3.2. Have sight of our affordable international calling plans

We offer our services in more than 150+ nations. Our affordable international calling plans are more suited and practical for everyone, we provide them to you. Our calling plans can be divided into two categories:

  • Monthly calling plans
  • Daily calling plans

Under monthly calling plans, you will receive a selection of minutes.


2. How does our app work?

We have made our app so simple and easy. We hate those long procedures calling systems, or annoying lengthy guidelines. The framework of our app is plane and easy. Let us explain you!


2.1. Download the Slickcall app

Download the Slickcall app from Google Play or App Store.


2.2. Make an account

In the next step, make an account and register yourself on the app. And don’t forget to verify your email.


2.3. Select amount to top-up

Now select the amount you want to top-up. The options available for top-up are $10, $25, $50, $100, $150.


2.4. Search for the country plan you want to buy

Look for the country plan you to buy.


2.5. Make the payment

Decided the plan you want to buy? Good! Now make the payment and start making international calls.

Look it so simple with us to make international calls. No annoying long procedures, nothing. Just simple and easy!


3. Don’t let international calling rates stand between you and you’re loved ones

What is not possible in this world? Everything is possible if we look for it with our whole hearts. And look today you have finally found the best international calling plans from usa. With our cool app, you can find a perfect international calling plan that fits your personality.


3.1. Stop overpaying for unnecessary calling rates

You can select the Slickcall international calls unlimited plans that best suit your communication style, whether you speak frequently or only sometimes. In this way, you won’t be forced to pay for services you don’t require.


3.2. Unlimited international calling plans

Slickcall makes it easy for you to connect with friends, family, and loved ones while calling abroad from USA. Our unlimited international calling plans are designed to make it easy for you to stay connected with your loved ones no matter where they are in the world.


3.3. Keep your spending in check with affordable international calling plans

We offer plans for any budget. And we are 100% sure that there’s a plan specially made for you. We work hard every day to ensure that our customers get the best possible service at an unbeatable price. Download the Slickcall app now.


3.4. No hidden charges

Many phone carriers and apps who allow you to make international calls charge more than what they illustrate in the front of us. And it is sometimes annoying! However, with our affordable international calling plans no hidden charges or extra fees, you can easily connect with your loved ones overseas without having to worry about international calling rates.


3.5. Get flexible with our affordable international calling plans

Our affordable international calling plans come with options. No matter, despite of the nature, size or your needs, you’ll find an international calling plan that suits your need.


3.6. Scalability

Placing a call with our app doesn’t required any physically installation of new cable wires. Just download the Slickcall app and start making unlimited calls.

Don’t forget to call your favorite country—we have lower rates for many countries worldwide. 😉



Slickcall is an affordable international calling service that provides a low-cost alternative to traditional international calling plans. With Slickcall, you can avail affordable international calling plans while enjoying high quality international calls. Download the Slickcall app now!



info icon filled Which app is offering the best cheap rates for international calls?

The slickcall app is the only app you can compare and get the cheapest rates to call internationally on both landline and phone numbers.

info icon filled Can I get any discounts when using the Slickcall app?

The answer is Yes, right after the sign in to the app, you get a FREE $1 calling credit. And enjoy your calls to your loved ones with no distortion or wait.

info icon filled How many countries does Slickcall app support?

You can call any landline or phone number in 150+ countries.

info icon filled Do I need WIFI or internet access for calling from the Slickcall app?

To call from Slickcall app, you need to have internet or WIFI, simply select the number on your list from the app, and enjoy your calls

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