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best unlimited international calling plans

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Unlimited international calling plans have become an essential service for people who need to stay connected with their loved ones. Imagine you have just received the email of your monthly phone bill that is asking you to pay $250; ahh that’s bad.

Have you thought about switching to the best unlimited international calling plans? That may cost you less. If yes, then you should quickly move to the best international calling service provider so that you stay connected with your family without paying a huge amount of money.


1. Top best unlimited international calling plan providers

We have gathered the best unlimited international calling plan providers for you, to make your life more comfortable and easier.


1.1. Slickcall calling plans

Slickcall offers you a wide variety of calling plans. Our plans are segregated into two categories;
1. Monthly calling plans
2. Daily calling plans
These calling plans contain a variety of calling minutes which you can select according to your need. Moreover, we also offer you the best unlimited international calling plans for some specific countries.
Slickcall offers the best unlimited international calling plans, and you can utilize these unlimited international calling plans to call your loved ones by spending less on your abroad calls with Slickcall.

Reminder Note: You will get $1 free calling credit on your first sign-up.




Per Minute

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Slickcall International Calling Plans


2.2. AT&T

Using this method for international calls costs you some additional charges. An extra fee of $5 will be charged for any additional lines used within 24 hours, on top of the regular phone plan fee. If you plan to make various calls, this plan can serve as a good alternative to being charged per minute.

Reminder Note: If you make calls outside the USA, you might experience dropped calls and poor connectivity. So, there are chances that it would take a long time to connect your calls.


2.3. T-Mobile Magenta

More than any other carrier, T-Mobile makes data usage simple. You can start utilizing your data as soon as you enable the data option on your mobile.

Reminder Note: T-Mobile charges 25 cents per minute for international calls made to countries other than the United States, Canada, or Mexico, which is considered a drawback in their international calling service.


2. The decision is yours!

Above we explore Different ways and methods you can use to make international calls. Now it’s up to you what you want to experience and how less you want to spend on your international calls. Either you want to enjoy seamless call quality or dropped calls.

Choose wisely!


3. Why do you need unlimited international calling?

When living abroad, the best unlimited international calling plans are necessary for staying connected with family and friends. Slickcall is recommended as the best option for this. You need to save money on international calling. So Slickcall is the best option for you to choose. You can make an unlimited international call and get in touch with your loved ones anytime.


3.1. Which calling plan would work best for you?

Making international calls can be challenging and expensive to get good call quality and features. Slickcall offers the best unlimited international calling plans with high-quality calls, making it an excellent option for staying connected with family. You can make unlimited calls to any of your favorite numbers. This offer is for some specific countries. You can visit our website and Slickcall mobile app to review our calling plans. Slickcall is recommended as the top app for making international calls.


4. What else would you get besides the best international calling plans?

We are committed to providing our customers with the best unlimited international calling plans at affordable rates. The advantages listed below are ones you can enjoy after signing up.

• Affordable calling rates worldwide
• Mobile top-up
• Enjoy high-quality international calls
• Top-up availability
• FREE $1 calling credit upon sign-up
• FREE $5 invite bonus
• Available on Android and iOS
• Safe payment method
• Seamless international calling

5. Does Slickcall charge any taxes or additional charges?

No additional connection fees or taxes are not included in the final price of our international calling plans.
Slickcall does not allow any tax payable, with no hidden charges. Our all calling plans are clear. You will be charged for what you buy. Slickcall has the best unlimited international calling plans!


6. Conclusion

After summarizing all the above discussion, we found that Slickcall is one of the top apps in the market. That allows you to make overseas calls at the lowest rates Because;

• Our international calling rates are unbeatable.
• Our best unlimited international calling plans cost half of what other is charging.
• No connectivity issues.
• Cheapest international calling app.
• No hidden and extra charges to pay.

But still, the choice is all yours. You can decide according to your needs but we recommend you choose the best calling app Slickcall which offers multiple features at low rates.

Download the Slickcall app now


7. FAQs 

info icon filled How can I find the best unlimited international calling plans for calling abroad?

For selecting the best unlimited international calling plans for calling abroad Slickcall is the best choice.


info icon filled Can I receive calls from Slickcall when WiFi is off?

Yes, the receiver can get calls even if the internet is off. While as the Slickcall app user cannot call until Wi-Fi is connected.


info icon filled What is the cheapest way to call internationally?

The Slickcall app is the cheapest way to call internationally. The calling rates Slickcall offers are the lowest of any other competitor.


info icon filled What are the best unlimited international calling plans?

Best unlimited international calling plans are the most affordable and pocket-friendly plans that Slickcall always offers to its users. These plans are for some specific countries only. Although our other plans are very affordable and you can use them for calling internationally.

Check out our International Calling Plans.


info icon filled How do I send a mobile top-up through Slickcall?

Slickcall mobile top-up features now allow its users to top-up their loved ones. You can easily do this by following these simple steps
1. Open the Slickcall app
2. Go to accounts
3. Send mobile top-up

Check out How to send mobile top-up through Slickcall.

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