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Affordable Prices for making international calls on landline

international calls on landline

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International calls on landlines are expensive but people around the world still make international calls on landlines. Slickcall will help you to make hassle-free calls on international landline numbers at affordable prices.


1. What is the cost of making international calls on a landline?

The cost of making international calls on landline numbers depends on where you are calling. Usually, calling an international landline number is costly. But still, there is a cheap way to make international calls on a landline.

With Slickcall you can make affordable international calls on a landline anywhere, anytime. Our calling rates are low and you can easily afford to call on landline worldwide.

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Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it. That’s true!

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It is very easy and affordable to make international calls on landlines globally. Slickcall is the best international calling app that offers cheap calling rates for international calling to any number. Although you can make calls to both landline and mobile numbers with Slickcall globally.


1.1. Steps you should follow while making a call with Slickcall

If you are new you need to download the Slickcall app to make international calls on landline numbers, then follow these steps;

  • Enter your mobile number and register.
  • Go to Contacts.
  • Tap Enter number manually.
  • Choose the country you want to call from drop down.
  • Enter the number you want to call.
  • Start calling.


2. How to earn FREE calling credit for international calls on landline with Slickcall?

Slickcall is an international calling app. That is quite affordable and easy to use. With Slickcall you can earn free rewards using the Slickcall app. Here are those:

2.1. Sign-up Bonus

By signing up for Slickcall, you will receive $1 worth of free calling credit that you can use for your first call. With this credit, you can make international calls to landline numbers across the globe at no cost.

2.2. Invited a friend bonus

Earning rewards with Slickcall is a breeze. Simply invite your friends and receive $5 in credit for each successful referral. The more friends you refer, the more bonuses you can earn. Use this credit to make calls effortlessly. All you need to do is:

  • Open the Slickcall app
  • Go to “Account”
  • Press the “Earn Bonus” button
  • Press “Invite friends”

And send invitations to as many friends as you want.


3. Calling methods

3.1. Pay as you go

Pay-as-you-go is the number one option for those looking for international calls on a landline number. It is ideal for those who make occasional calls. By only paying for the calls you make, you can save money and avoid being locked into unnecessary calling plans.

3.2. Calling plans

These calling plans range from daily to monthly plans and even include unlimited calling plans. You can choose the plan that best suits your calling needs and budget. With Slickcall, you can experience unbeatable rates and excellent call quality, without compromising on convenience or reliability. You can check out our calling plans here, Slickcall International Calling plans.

3.2.1. Monthly calling plans

In monthly calling plans, you will find a variety of minutes. It’s your choice how many minutes you want to select; no restrictions. The monthly plans are valid for 30 days. Additionally, there are no extra charges you will pay according to the minutes you choose. Furthermore, based on your requirements you can always upgrade or downgrade your calling plans.

3.2.2. Daily calling plans

Other than monthly calling plans, we also offer you daily calling plans. You will find different varieties in it and can choose the plan according to your needs and desires.




Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.


Per Minute

More Info.


Slickcall International Calling Plans

3.2.3 Upgrade and downgrade your plans

If your plan is about to expire, you can upgrade it. For example, your calling plan has 10 minutes left, and you want to upgrade. The previous 10 minutes will be added to your new calling minutes after you subscribe to the new calling plan. This is so easy and simple with Slickcall. Your remaining minutes will not be wasted.

3.3. How to find calling plans in the app?

Our calling plans are perfect for making international calls on landlines. You can navigate the plans in the app by following these steps:

  • Open the Slickcall app.
  • Press “Account”.
  • Go to “Calling Plans”.
  • Type the country name in the search bar.
  • Select the monthly or daily plans you desire.
  • Press the “Subscribe” button.

It’s that simple to make international calls on a landline with Slickcall!


4. What other ways are available for making international calls on a landline number?

There are many methods available in the market for making international calls on a landline number.

4.1. Popular calling apps

These calling apps can be used for making international calls on mobile numbers. But they don’t allow you to make international calls to landline numbers. Moreover, many majorities of these apps offer app-to-app calling only. Both the caller and receiver must have the app and the internet. Also, they are restricted to some countries.

4.2. International calling cards

International calling cards are quite common among people for making international calls on landline numbers. You can easily find them at gas stations or any convenience store. They are fairly expensive and prices aren’t transparent (including hidden fees, round charges, etc. – it adds up quickly).


5. Mobile top-up 

In addition to offering some of the cheapest rates for international calls on mobile phones & landline numbers, Slickcall also offers mobile top-up service. With Slickcall, you can top up the mobile phones of your loved ones in other countries. This feature is especially for those who have family and friends living abroad and prefer to make international calls on a landline to any country they want.


6. Sum up | International calls on landline & mobile numbers

Landlines are still wide-spreads. Slickcall is the perfect choice for making international calls on landlines & mobile numbers. It is really easy to make international calls to landline numbers with our app. We offer lower rates for calling and the best call quality. You can use our app for mobile top-ups. Start calling any landline number anytime around the world.


Download the Slickcall app now!


7. FAQ

info icon filled Is there any app available to make cheap calls to landline?

Slickcall is the international calling app which allows to make affordable international calls to landlines.

Check out our International Calling Rates.

info icon filled How do you call an international landline number from a mobile?

To dial an international landline number from Slickcall, open the Slickcall app, go to contacts, tap on 'Enter number manually' and then dial country code + area code + the number of a person you want to call.

Check out our International Calling Guide.

info icon filled How do I send a Mobile Top-up through Slickcall?

Slickcall mobile top-up features now allow its users to top-up their loved ones. You can easily do this by following these simple steps

  1. Open the Slickcall app
  2. Go to accounts
  3. Send Mobile Top up

Check out How to Send Mobile Top-up through Slickcall.

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