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Calling Ghana from UK with Slickcall’s Most Affordable Rates

calling Ghana from UK

Do you live in the UK? And wondering what is the cheapest way of calling Ghana from UK? It’s confusing as there are so many options available, from mobile phones and SIM cards to landlines and VoIP services. In this article, we will present you with the best option across the board for calling Ghana from UK at the most affordable rates.

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But first we must say the price is a massively important issue when you regularly make international calls. We bet you the UK is not the only country who have experienced this, many other also around the world. Today we have plenty of ways available to make cheap calls to Ghana from the UK on landline and mobile numbers

There are so many UK international SIM cards that offer decent rates. However, once all the extra charges are tacked on, it is not quite as inexpensive as some would have you believe. Besides this, what would be the consequences of carrying and maintaining two phones just to call one contact? Argh! This is terrible we must say.

1. Is making calls through a SIM card the best way to stay in touch?

So, the question must be asked; is this really the practical and cost-effective way of calling Ghana from UK?

Online calling apps like Slickcall excel in this situation once more. Simply said, Slickcall uses VolP technology, which is significantly less expensive to use than the traditional way.

1.1. Why Slickcall is the best app for calling Ghana from UK?

Using Slickcall is relatively so straightforward. Our app is best for calling Ghana from UK, why? Because, Slickcall is a magical box full of a wide range of calling features, transparency, and the opportunity to control exactly how much money you are spending on international calls.

2. Slickcall offers affordable plans for calling Ghana from UK or anywhere

Here at Slickcall, we want to help you to spend your money in the right way. That’s why we have created international calling plans for calling Ghana from UK or any location. These plans are affordable, flexible, and budget-friendly. And that’s how you can make cheap calls to Ghana from the UK or anywhere in the world!

Our calling plans for Ghana are comprised of different minutes. You will see a wide range of calling plans, which you can choose according to your needs. Moreover, you can upgrade and downgrade your plans also.

3. Don’t know about the upgrade and downgrade feature?

No worries, if you don’t know about these two features.

3.1. Upgrade

With the upgrade, you can add more minutes to your plan and any remaining minutes from your previous plan will automatically transfer to your new plan.

3.2. Downgrade

Downgrading involves subscribing to a plan with fewer calling minutes. After your current activated plan expires, you can use this less-minute calling plan.

4. How calling Ghana from UK has enhanced by Slickcall?

You might be wondering why you should choose Slickcall for calling Ghana from UK. Well, Slickcall has a lot to offer you! We offer so many features which can help you to enjoy high quality international calls from the UK. Have a look at them;

  • Worldwide affordable calling rates.
  • Smooth voice call quality.
  • A chance to earn $5 FREE calling credit.
  • No fees for downloading.
  • Available in 150+ countries.
  • Easy to use.

Slickcall has immensely enhanced the method of calling Ghana from UK in terms of both price and convenience. Our app is the right choice for international calling from the UK to anywhere in the world. In order to make sure you can stay in touch with loved ones abroad without racking up excessive phone bills,

Download the Slickcall app NOW!

5. FAQ’s

info icon filled How to call Ghana from UK?

You can call Ghana from the UK through Slickcall. It’s affordable and convenient.

info icon filled How much do international calls cost per minute?

Well, mostly it costs hundreds of cents. But if you call by Slickcall, the cost for calling internationally is less than 1 cent.

info icon filled How to call an international number for free?

Now, you can make international calls for free to the USA with Slickcall “US Unlimited” plan.

info icon filled How much does it cost to call Ghana from UK?

You can call on Ghana’s landline and mobile number in just 22¢/min from anywhere in the world.

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