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How to Call India from the US

call India from the US

Does any of your family member or friend live in India? Are you unsure about how to call India from the US? That’s why we are here to guide you on how to call India cheaply and easily. Our Slickcall app allows you call India from US through internet which reduces your calling cost.

We’ll walk you through every step in this blog so you may call India from the US cheaply. Hold on to us!

1. How to call India from the US directly from a cell phone

You can use the below mentioned step to call India from the US directly from your cell phone. The dialing procedure is the same for both landline and mobile number.

  • First, dial USA exit code 011.
  • Next dial the India country code which is +91.
  • If you are dialing a landline number, then dial the area code.
  • And if you are dialing a mobile number, then enter the operating code.
  • Finish it with the local number.
  • Press the call button.

Isn’t this time consuming and long procedure? Do you want to enjoy smooth calling to India from the US or anywhere?

With our app, you don’t have to follow such long procedures. With Slickcall, you can make unlimited calls to India from USA in a few seconds!


Before making a call check your internet connection to avoid dropped calls.

2. Why you should not buy a calling card to call India from the US?

You might have decided the ways to call India from the US, but who knows they might take a lot of your money and time. And if you are planning to buy a calling card then PLEASE say NO to it!

Because they are too pricey; you have to pay calling rates plus monthly service charges.



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2.1. What is the cheapest way to make unlimited calls to India from USA?

The most affordable, smart, and convenient way to make unlimited calls to India from USA is Slickcall which offers you affordable calling rates worldwide.

2.2. What are the steps for making a call to India with Slickcall? 

With Slickcall, you don’t have to go through the hassle of dialing several codes to make a call. Follow the below mentioned steps to enjoy smooth and seamless calling;

  • Download the Slickcall app.
  • Sign up for Slickcall account on the app.
  • Go to “Calling Plans”.
  • Search rates by country. i.e., India
  • Subscribe to the India Unlimited monthly plan.
  • Select a contact to call and press the call button.

Advice: India’s country code is +91. Make sure to save contact numbers with the country code in your phone contact list to enjoy hassle free calls to India from the US.

3. The best India calling plans from USA

While looking for the best India calling plans from USA, look no further than Slickcall’s India Unlimited monthly plans.

This calling plan offers you unlimited calls to India from USA. This plan gives you a freedom to talk your loved ones at low rates.

We can proudly say that our international calling app is the cheapest way to call India!

4. What else does our best India calling app offer you?

Our best India calling app offers you many FANTASTIC features to enjoy;

Check below what else we offer you;

  • The receiver doesn’t require to have a Slickcall app or account to receive a call.
  • No matter whether the receiver has an internet connection or not, you are still able to make a call to them.
  • You will get a welcome offer.
  • Free calling credit on your first sign-up.
  • We don’t ask you to sign any contracts or long-term commitments.
  • Simple steps to set up the Slickcall account.

5. If you want to SAVE BIG then download our Slickcall app

Inflation has affected us all badly. And everyone is trying hard to adjust to this unimaginable happening. The prices of everything is almost skyrocketing and we are still learning to cope with them. And we know, staying in touch with your family back in India is getting difficult for you. But you don’t have to worry!

5.1. Enjoy unlimited calls to India at low rates

Call to India from the US with Slickcall at affordable rates. Our service charges are extremely low and affordable. Making international calls with Slickcall is so simple and affordable. Slickcall is the best app to call India from US through internet.

We offer you the best India calling plan from USA that is flexible and affordable.

Just sign-up, check the calling rates for India, subscribe to India calling plan, and start making calls to India!

5.2. Final thoughts| Call India from the US at reasonable rates

You have struggled enough, now is the time to sit back and relax and talk till late at night with your loved ones. Slickcall has got your back. We offer you the cheapest way to call India from the US so;

Say GOODBYE to those expensive international calling rates. Welcome to the world of affordable and quality voice calls.

6. FAQs

info icon filled How much does it cost to call from USA to India?

You can call India from USA with Slickcall prepaid calling plans. Our plans are affordable and budget-friendly. Download the Slickcall app and subscribe to best international calling plans and enjoy unlimited India calling from USA.

info icon filled How can I call international from the Internet in India?

You can simply use the VoIP service provider app that enables you to call internationally anywhere in India or from India.

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