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Do you need to make a call from Mexico to the US but are unsure of how to do it? You’re not alone. Many people worry about the potential costs, connection quality, and the process of calling from one country to another. However, today’s technology has made international calls much more affordable and accessible than ever before. In this blog, we are going to guide you through the best 4 methods on how to make a call from Mexico to the US, covering all aspects of this process from costs to the actual steps. So, whether you’re a first-timer or just looking for some extra information, use our guide below to answer your question and start making calls with confidence!


How to activate your cell phone for international roaming

To activate international roaming on your cell phone, the first step is to contact your provider. Before your travel, it is recommended to call your provider and provide them with the dates you will be away. They can then enable international roaming by using the local cellular networks of your destination country, allowing you to have voice, text, and data access. Keep in mind that this service can be quite expensive and it is only recommended if you are visiting Mexico for a short period (under 1 month). If you own an iPhone, you may also need to grant authorization for data roaming in your phone’s settings. Before leaving, make sure that all the phones with you have international roaming enabled.


Dialing the US from Mexico

Exit code

To place a call from Mexico to the USA, it is crucial to follow the initial step carefully. Ensure that you accurately enter the exit code for Mexico before dialing the desired number. In this case, the exit code for Mexico is ’00.’ The exit code for Mexico must precede the country code, area code, and telephone number you intend to call. To establish a successful connection from Mexico to the USA or any other destination worldwide, always begin by dialing the exit code. This seamless combination of codes guarantees a smooth and hassle-free connection, allowing you to effortlessly reach your intended destination.

A mobile display is demonstrating the exit code of Mexico


Country code

Once you have entered the exit code, the next step when dialing from Mexico to the US involves dialing the specific country code. Each country has a distinct country code consisting of one or two-digit numbers. In the case of calling the US from Mexico, you need to dial the country code for the US, which is 1. This essential combination of codes ensures that your call is accurately directed to the intended international destination, providing a seamless and efficient connection for your call.

A phone displaying the country code of the USA


Dial the Area code

The exit code for the USA and the country code for Mexico, the next important step in calling the USA from Mexico involves entering the precise area code of the desired city or region you wish to reach. These area codes generally comprise two to three digits and play a crucial role in ensuring the proper routing of your call. Given that the USA has approximately 335 area codes spread across different locations, it becomes paramount to have the correct area code readily available to establish a successful connection.

Area code of the United States of America

Area Codes of the US

U.S Area Code


New York, NY


Los Angeles, CA


Chicago, IL


Atlanta, GA

San Francisco, CA


Austin, TX


Boston, MA


Houston, TX

Miami, FL


Dallas, TX


Washington, D.C.


Enter the contact number

Once you have entered the appropriate exit, country, and area codes, the next step in calling the USA from Mexico is to dial the recipient’s number. USA phone numbers typically consist of ten digits, with the first 3  digits being the area code. It is important to ensure that you have the correct and complete number, including any local digits or extensions. Before making the call, take a moment to double-check the accuracy of the number. For your convenience, here is an example that demonstrates how to make an international call from the USA to Mexico.

00-1-Area code-Contact number

A mobile phone demonstrating complete dialing code to call the US from Mexico


Calling to the USA from Mexico with a calling card?

Calling cards offer toll-free or local-rate numbers for accessing international calling services. They are commonly available at convenience stores or grocery stores. When choosing a card, look for one with a low billing increment, which means you will be charged for the closest duration of the call possible.

a pair of four internet calling cards for international calling


For instance, if you use a card with a 5-minute billing increment, a 1-minute call will be billed as 5 minutes, while a 6-minute call will be billed as 10 minutes. The price of the card will vary depending on the number of minutes and the desired calling destination.

Be cautious of additional charges like connection fees or maintenance fees that may apply when using a calling card. Some cards may deduct “maintenance fees” daily or weekly from your card’s balance. It’s advisable to carefully read the card’s terms and conditions before making a purchase.


Navigating area-specific numbers for efficient communication

When using a calling card, the backside of the card typically has a list of specific areas from which you can make calls. You should select the applicable area for you, dial 1, and then input the listed number. An automated voice will respond, and you should follow its instructions.

For instance, if you are using a calling card designated for use in New York, there will be distinctive numbers to call based on your specific location. If you happen to be in Manhattan, you will need to call a different number than if you were located in Hempstead.


PIN and remaining talk time

When using a calling card, you will find a unique PIN listed on it. Follow the automated voice prompt and dial this PIN when prompted. This automated voice may also inform you of the remaining number of minutes available on the card, providing an estimate of the duration of your upcoming conversation.


Dialing process

Here’s an easy guide to dialing the US from Mexico: Start by dialing the Mexican exit code (00), then the country code for the US (1), followed by the area code of the number you wish to call, and finally, the number itself. Enjoy your conversation for as long as your calling card permits! As an illustration, the complete number you’ll dial should resemble this format: 00 1 (123) 456-7890.


Purchasing a Mexican SIM Card

Discover the Power of SIM Cards: An Essential Tool for Mobile Connectivity! A SIM card, known as a subscriber identity module, is a small card that can be inserted into your phone, typically near the battery. It provides your phone with a unique phone number and access to cellular services. When in Mexico, you can visit a mobile phone store and purchase a SIM card from one of the major Mexican cell phone carriers like Telcel, Virgin Mobile, Movistar, or AT&T. This can be an excellent alternative if the international roaming rates from your regular cell phone provider are not cost-effective. Keep in mind that inserting a new SIM card will give you a new phone number. So, make sure to inform your family and friends in the United States about your new Mexican phone number.

A collection of Mexican sim cards


Affordable, no-contract cell phone plans in Mexico with unlimited calling and messaging

Great News! Leading Mexican cell phone carriers provide flexible monthly plans without any long-term contracts, starting as low as $200 pesos (equivalent to $11 US dollars). You can conveniently subscribe to these plans at nearby stores of the respective cell phone providers. These affordable plans typically offer unlimited calling and SMS messaging to Mexico, the United States, and Canada. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected without any limitations!


Seamless Data and Talk Top-ups

In case you have bought a SIM card that does not have any calling time or data included, you may visit a nearby convenience store or local phone shop to add data to your selected plan. The process is quick and hassle-free, as it is done electronically- you just need to share your phone number with them. After making the payment, you’ll receive a receipt along with an SMS text message from the carrier, confirming the data purchase. Alternatively, you can also opt to purchase top-up cards which can be used to increase your call and data credits anytime at your convenience.


VOIP calling apps

Revolutionizing International Calls: Explore Calling Apps for Affordable and Convenient Communication Experience a paradigm shift in international calling with the emergence of calling apps such as Slickcall, Boss Revolution, and Rebtel. These innovative apps leverage your internet connection instead of traditional phone lines, offering a cost-effective alternative to your regular phone plan, particularly for lengthy conversations.

On top of the affordability factor, many of these dialing apps provide additional features like free video chat and messaging. Take Slickcall as an example, allowing you to effortlessly connect with friends in US at remarkably low rates, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for phone cards or deciphering complex international dialing codes. Simply download the app, input your friend’s contact details, and initiate the call!

The time zone difference between the USA and Mexico


Advantages of VoIP apps

Cost Efficiency:

Redefining Affordability in Communication” – Embrace the cost-effective nature of VoIP apps, which offer significant savings compared to traditional phone calls, especially for long-distance and international communication. Discover their affordable pricing structures that make communication more accessible to all.

Global Accessibility:

Connecting the World at Your Fingertips” – Experience the freedom of making calls from anywhere in the world with VoIP apps. Explore how these apps leverage the power of internet connectivity to provide seamless global accessibility, eliminating geographical boundaries in communication.

Quality of Service:

Crystal Clear Conversations Across Borders” – Witness the impressive advancements in internet technology that enable high-quality voice calls through VoIP apps. Uncover the prioritization of voice data packets and the seamless delivery of crystal clear communication, transforming your conversations into natural and immersive experiences – regardless of your location.

Customer Service Excellence:

Support That Never Sleeps” – Rest easy knowing that VoIP apps come equipped with reliable 24/7 customer service to address any queries or concerns. Discover how their dedicated support teams ensure prompt responses, providing peace of mind and exceptional user experience for customers worldwide.


Time Zone for calling

When it comes to making calls from Mexico to the United States, timing is key to ensure effective communication, taking into account the time difference between the two countries. Mexico and the United States have different time zones, so it’s important to be mindful of the time disparity. The time difference varies depending on the specific regions of both countries and whether daylight saving time is in effect. Generally, Mexico is one to three hours ahead of the United States. For example, if it’s 10:00 AM in Mexico City, it would be 9:00 AM in Dallas, Texas. It’s advisable to schedule your calls during overlapping hours of operation, typically during the late morning or early afternoon in Mexico. By doing so, you can maximize the chances of reaching individuals or businesses in the US without disrupting their workday. By considering the time difference and adjusting accordingly, you can ensure seamless and convenient communication when calling the United States from Mexico.


Always Remember

Making a call from Mexico to the US might seem daunting at first, but with today’s technology and the right know-how, it’s easier and more accessible than ever before. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently navigate international calls, whether you choose to activate international roaming, use calling cards, purchase a Mexican SIM card, or leverage VOIP calling apps. Understanding the dialing process, including exit codes, country codes, and area codes, ensures a smooth connection every time. Additionally, mastering time zone differences ensures effective communication without disrupting schedules. With these tools and tips at your disposal, you can stay connected with friends, family, or business contacts across borders with ease. Happy calling!



What are the typical costs associated with making international calls from Mexico to the US?

The cost of international calls can vary depending on factors such as your service provider, the method of calling (roaming, calling cards, VOIP apps, etc.), and the duration of the call. It’s advisable to check with your provider for specific rates and any additional fees.


Is it necessary to activate international roaming on my cell phone before making calls from Mexico to the US?

Activating international roaming allows you to use your phone’s service in Mexico, but it can be costly. If you’re staying for an extended period, consider purchasing a Mexican SIM card or using VOIP calling apps for a more cost-effective option.


How can I ensure I’m dialing the correct numbers when making international calls from Mexico to the US?

Double-checking the exit code for Mexico (00), the country code for the US (1), and the area code of the desired location in the US ensures accurate dialing. It’s also essential to include the recipient’s phone number in full, including any local digits or extensions.


What are the benefits of purchasing a Mexican SIM card for making calls from Mexico to the US?

Purchasing a Mexican SIM card can be a cost-effective option, especially for long-term stays. It provides you with a local phone number and access to cellular services in Mexico, often at lower rates than international roaming.


How can I manage time zone differences when scheduling calls between Mexico and the US?

Keeping track of the time difference between Mexico and the US is crucial for effective communication. Consider scheduling calls during overlapping hours of operation to ensure you reach individuals or businesses without disrupting their workday.


What should I consider when choosing a calling card for making international calls from Mexico to the US?

When selecting a calling card, consider factors such as billing increments, additional fees (like connection or maintenance fees), and the coverage area. Reading the card’s terms and conditions thoroughly can help you make an informed decision.

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