Step No.1

Download the App

To get started with a quality calling experience, go to Google Play Store on your Android or App Store on iOS. Search for ‘Slickcall’. Download the Slickcall app for free.

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Step No.2

Create an Account

Once downloaded and installed, open the app. Enter your number and signup! You will receive a six digit verification code, add it, verify your number.

Step No.3

Add Credit

Once you have successfully completed the registration process, add credit to your account and choose your desired calling plan.

Step No.4

Start Calling

Once you’ve added your credit, it’s time to start affordable quality calling anywhere around the GLOBE.

Benefits of using Slickcall

  • Experience affordable prices for premium international calls.
  • Build your custom plans for your specific needs.
  • No additional or hidden charges.
  • Quality international calling.